10 Best CMD Commands For Hacking July 2018

We all know that Command Prompt is one of the most powerful tools in Windows which is neatly known by CMD. Today we are going to portion severity CMD or MS-DOS commands which you must know if you tormented to be a hacker. Therefore, if you have just made a mind of becoming a hacker later you could learn to utilize these ten best CMD commands used in hacking,10 best cmd commands.

10 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking 2018

We all know that Command Prompt is one of the most powerful tools in Windows which is adeptly known by CMD. It is the command-descent interpreter upon Windows OS. With the relief of CMD, you can realize in the region of anything considering your PC/laptop. We cant control by what exactly CMD can attain! However, hackers or some professional users know how to make full use of Command Prompt.10 best cmd commands

Here in this article, we are going to put-on you the list of best CMD commands which are used by hackers. Therefore, if you have just made a mind of becoming a hacker subsequently you could learn to utilize these ten best CMD commands used in hacking.


This command uses your internet attachment in order to send some packets of data to a specific web blazing with these packets are sent advance to your PC. The test simply shows the amount of period it took to achieve the specific residence. In easy words, it helps you to know if the host you pinging is living.

You can use the Ping command whenever you dependence to establish that the host computer can attach to the TCP/IP network and its resources.

For example, you can type in Command prompt ping which belongs to Google.

You can replace to www.google.com or something else which you tortured to ping.


It is a network administration command-pedigree tool which helps you to make a lead of domain make known or IP dwelling mapping for any specific DNS folder. Suppose you have a website URL but sensitive to know its IP Address, you can clearly type in CMD

nslookup www.google.com (Replace Google.com gone your website URL of which you sore to locate the IP home)

3 tracert:

You can post Trace Route went its publication it allows users to trace the route than an IP packet has taken to enter upon a destination. The command calculates and displays the amount of era each hop took to take going on to a destination. You just dependence to type

tracert x.x.x.x (if you know the IP Address) or else you can type tracert www.google.com (If you don’t know the IP dwelling)

4 arp:

This command helps you to bend ARP cache. You can control arp-a command concerning the order of each computer to see whether the computers have the precise MAC home listed for each new to ping each abnormal successfully approximately the same subnet.

This command plus helps users to locate out if anyone has over and the call off in the midst of arp poisoning in their LAN.

You can attempt typing arp-a in command prompt.

5 ipconfig:

This is the command which shows all useful issue. It will operate you IPv6 residence, the theatre IPv6 domicile, IPv4 quarters, Subnet Mask, Default gateway and all added things that you desire to know.

You can type in command prompt ipconfig or ipconfig/the entire


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6 netstat:

If you deficiency to study out who is establishing a relationship as soon as your computer also you might attempt typing in command prompt netstat -a it will display each and the complete one the association and you will profit to know roughly the lithe intimates and listening ports.

Type in command prompt netstat -a

7 Route:

It is a command which is used to view and cause offence the IP routing table in the Microsoft Windows busy system. This command will assume an encounter you routing table, metric and interface.

You can type in command prompt route print.

8 Net View:

This command displays the collect list of resources, computers or domains that are shared by the specified computer.

You can type in command prompt net view x.x.x.x or computer name

9 Net User:

Well, this command is used to have emotional impact changes to user accounts happening for a computer. You can grow, cut off users behind the promote of this command

You can use these commands while using net adherent

net fan [<UserName> {<Password> | *} [<Options>]] [/domain] net fanatic [<UserName> {<Password> | *} /combined [<Options>] [/domain]] net fanatic [<UserName> [/delete] [/domain]]

10 Net Use:

This command is been used to colleague occurring, cut off and configure connections to shared resources when network printers and toting taking place mapped drives. The use of this command is a tiny bit complicated. So, we inform you to visit the Microsoft site to acquire full details in excuse to how to use this command.

11 Tasklist:

This command opens going on an entire task commissioner upon the command prompt. Users just need to enter tasklist upon CMD and they will see the list of all perspective of view process. You can figure out all the wrongs after that this commands.

Moreover, the command can moreover be used following you pretentiousness to uncompromisingly oppressive any process. For example, if you non-existence to kill PID 1532 process in addition to you can enter the command: taskkill /PID 1532 /F

12 iexplore:

As we all know, hackers often attempt to kill some apps, such as the web browsers. So, hackers use the iexplore irregular to execute apps and web pages. For example, if you enter iexplore www.techviral.net upon the command prompt, it will mitigation into the URL in Internet Explorer.

Not without help these, but you can even use iexplore <IP burning> to find sites supervision apropos any particular IP domicile. The command is used infused ways by the hackers.


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So, above are the 10 best CMD commands used in hacking. You can actually investigate the lot more than this. I Hope you subsequently than the appendix! Share it taking into account your connections too 10 best cmd commands. Leave a comment out cold if you suffering to lp any command in the list.



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