192 MP Camera Sensors May Soon Be A Reality!!!

192 MP Camera Sensors may soon be a Reality. Nowadays everyone has developed photography interest because of the good pixel-ed camera in their phones. We keenly watch for the camera quality while buying new phones and now a boss camera is coming to the market. We don’t have the details of the OEM of this phone, yet. 

Is this even Real?

We currently have a 108 MP camera by Xiaomi Mi 10 series, which was launched on Feb of this year, has the highest MP of the mobile camera. At first, many we overwhelmed to hear about a smartphone with a 108MP camera. With this 192MP phone camera news, the whole industry is baffled about it and eager too. Who won’t?

According to the source, in an interview with the Chinese tipster Digital Chat Station, this rumor came out. This phone will a tough competitor to the already existing 108 MP ISOCELL HMX and HM1 camera of Mi 10 and Samsung Galaxy 20.

A piece of recent news by Gizchina it appears that Samsung is working with Xiaomi to make a phone with a 150MP camera as Samsung is pushing the quality of high-res sensors in the industry.

Camera Sensor:

To handle this high-resolution camera the sensor must be really good enough and here it is. Samsung till now has achieved on building a 0.8μm pixel size on its high-end sensors, this new phone will feature a sensor of 1-inch in size and is the biggest till now for any phone. For example, this sensor can be easily compared with the sensor inside a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VA. Phew, that’s big.

192 MP Camera Sensor-Chip-set for Camera

The tipster also tipped that; the phone will feature a Snapdragon 765G chipset. This Chipset is really powerful as this even supports 5G and AI. This chipset supports the 192 camera and surely it will optimize the phone’s performance. Qualcomm did announce about this the last year but such a sensor is only rumored to be in development. 

In-depth features:

We currently have quad binning (2*2pixel array) and Nona binning (3*3pixel array) in Samsung’s 108-MP sensor. It’s reported that this phone will feature (4*4pixel array) to create a large pixel comprising of 16 individual pixels. 

This 192MP can capture photos with the highest color accuracy by demosaicing the photos to a greater extent. It also captures great photos by minimizing the leakage of light which in turn reduce the noise of photo and captures details and more information in low light. 

Is this too much?

We opt for technological advancements, but having a smartphone with 192MP is necessary? No matter how depth the quality of the image is, our human brain neglects most of it. In the end, we see the photos on our mobile screens and this is more than needed. Let’s wait for an official announcement and witness what new the camera will offer. 


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