5 Features And Changes In Windows 10 October 2018 Update

5 Features And Changes In Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft Works On Windows Update To Fix Major Issues. They Mainly Focus On Two Updates For Every Year. These Are Major Important Updates For Windows 10.  For This Year April Was The Last Recent Update And Now For This Year This Is The Last And Latest Update Its Known As October 2018 Update.

5 Features And Changes In Windows 10 October 2018 Update


In This Post, We Will See Top 5 features and changes from the update. This Are All Latest October Update for 2018 In Windows 10. It Has Lots Of New Features And New Updates. In April Windows 10 Update They Got Some New Cool Features Like Timeline, Focus Assist And Nearby Sharing. These Updates Are Called As Redstone 4. And Now Microsoft Has Shift Attention Towards The Redstone 5 or October 2018 Windows 10 Update. These Are All Upcoming Updates For Every Windows 10 But You Can Also Get Early Access


As We, All Know Dark Mode Features Are Already Available On Windows 10 By Going To Personalization And In Colour Option We Can Change The Default App Mode To Dark Mode But It Only Changes Some Of The Application Like Inbuilt Software Settings And Some Other Apps. Mainly It won’t Change The File Manager Theme It Still Keeps The White Background Theme. But In Windows 10 October 2018 Update It Changes Everything Even The FileManager Changes Into Dark Mode But Still UI Is The Same But Its Great That Filemanager Can Be Switched Into DarkMode. One Of The Best Features On Redstone 5.

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Again Its An Inbuild Feature, Which Every Windows 10 Has This App Called As Snipping Tool. When It Comes To ScreenShot Windows  The Best Thing is By Pressing Windows+PrintScreen But Even Though If Some Part Of The Windows is Needs Then We Have To Go To Editing Process And Works For An Hours To Edit It. But By Snipping Tool We Can Able To Take Screenshot Particular Area On Windows 10. With That, They Changed The Name To Snip&Sketch It Gots Some New Update Where You Get New Three Extra Option. You Can Access It By Pressing Windows Key+Left ShiftKey+S. Now You Get Three Snipping Option Rectangular, Free Form, Fullscreen. But These Are All Already Present In Windows 10 Only UI And Some Shortcuts Are Updated And This One Is Not That Much Good Enough. Anyhow Who Minds It?

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3. YourPhone

Your phone Is A Brand New App That Comes With Redstone 5 update. With That App, Allows You To Better Connect With Your PC And To Your Android Smartphone Or IOS Phone. With This App, You Can Wirelessly Transfer Your Recent Photos From Your Smartphone To PC. And More Interestingly It Also Allows You To Text messaging Straight From Your PC To Your Freinds. In This Feature, It Also Shows Your Phone Notification Which Sounds More Interesting. And This Is The Best One In These Updates.

4. Edge PDF

Before This Update, Microsoft Edge Was Browser is a Best PDF Viewer But Now It Keeps Default As PDF Viewer. When You Try Opening PDF Now Its Opens On Edge As Default. Microsoft Keeps EDGE As Default PDF Viewer. And it’s Not Over It Comes With Highlighting Feature Where You Can Edit Or Draw And Highlight Text On PDF So That You No Need To Install External Software For Highlighting The Text in PDF.

5. Touch Keyboard

Most Of Them won’t Use This Option But Who Has Microsoft Surface Will Be More Useful. Before This Update Typing With Surface Keyboard Was Not That Much Easier AutoCorrect Was Not Working Perfectly But Finally Microsoft Fixes It Now AutoCorrecting And SwipeTexting Are Work More Efficiency When Compared To the Last Update.

And There Are Lot More Updates Like You Can Able To See Battery Percentage Of Bluetooth Devices In Bluetooth Settings In New Update. It’s Really Very Helpful And It Also Depends On What Bluetooth Device You Are Using. And It Seems To Have Lot Of Updates. We Have Covered Most Of The 5 Features And Changes In Windows 10 October 2018 Update In This Post If We Have Missed Something You Can Comment On Comment Section Below. Hope You Enjoy this Post 5 Features And Changes In Windows 10 October 2018 Update Visit Us Daily For More Posts.

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