Anthem: Everything you need to know (explained)

Anthem: Everything you need to know. Well, today we are going to see the EA’s upcoming Multiplayer Co-op “Anthem”. We yet didn’t know all exact confirmation news from EA or Bioware but for now, we are gonna see important things to know before it’s release. Here are no spoilers, though it’s a multiplayer it also has some emotions in it. Story mode and more. Let’s move to the topic.

Anthem: every things to know and
Anthem: Everything to know

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Anthem is a multiplayer game but also there are some elements showing the presence of story mode in it. Bioware just missed romance sequences in it. Yes, this time there won’t be any romance scenes or romantic dialogues. Let’s jump into the story. The beautiful world of Anthem was created by Shapers with a powerful technology something known as Anthem of Creation. But for some reasons they didn’t finish and left incomplete. As you see huge machinery like structures are the tools to create this world were scattered across the land. This god likes structures might be controlled by evil. To stop this miss use, we players piloting an iron man like armor known as Javelins. Trained operators used to pilot these javelins. As the story mode there two types of deliverance from EA, One is it a carry story on the pilot narrating the way they trained and facing things that goes on with them. And in other hands, as its a multiplayer Co-Op we might see story ranges with team-ups.


Javelins are futuristic Exo-suit used for every mission you about to take. In E3 and for the launch there are only four classes revealed. In future, there is a lot of chances to see more javelins. let’s see what are all those four javelins and it’s uniques power that there were made for. There also some options to switch between javelins while you are in the story mission.


Anthem: every things to know and

The first class of Javelins is Ranger. This Exo-suit is most attracted by all. We saw in the trailer and reveal, this suit doesn’t made for handling huge damages. It’s not agile but contains a serious amount of weaponry systems and launcher with it. Such as locking many targets at a time freezing them in places and more. Ranger can be defined as General suit used for close up and personal combat. This is my favorite.


Anthem: every things to know and

The second class is the Colossus. Looks huge and mighty and also well fades with that orangy red color. Colossus is made to handle huge damages and you play as a carrier of your team. It’s heavy slow in combat but contains some serious weapons. Colossus has big grenade like launchers used to strike combo attacks while other freeze the opponents.  And he has a heavy artillery flamethrower and charges through mines with a shield in ease.

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Anthem: every things to know and

The next class in the Interceptor. Well, we cannot spot the exact purpose of this Exo-suit but some of the things can be noted from the trailer, that this suit acts as the healer or something dependable. It also shows that it has some high tech flash grenades at the same time, it is angled in a way to protect other javelins in live combat. And each Javelin has its own elemental powers. And also it is agile and faster than other javelins.


Anthem: every things to know and

The last class of the javelins is the Strom. Its design shows its maximum power is with some elements. Who always want machinery thing again and again. This is unique from other. The exact elemental power of its is remains silent. We see some clips like switching and disappearing from one place to another.  Or it might lead the team by noticing the danger from far point. Like spidey sense.



Well in this topic so many suggestions were rising up between the audience. And also we need to hear them all but there are some restrictions and testing on this section of the game remains unsolved, will it might hit a success or won’t. Nowadays more than the single-player story mode, Multiplayer strategy games increasing day by day. EA is entering this market with new view and ideas but it’s just like a new product you have never seen before. In twitter, they have mentioned”No Pvp” AT LAUNCH” or maybe they’ll introduce later on if the game reached the market as they expected, but in other hands, they have to Introduce PvP. Co-Op In this game is different as the world will change continuously act as a living and breathing environment. If they introduce PvP it seems pretty same as other games on the market such as Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six siege PvP hit. This new Co-Op with some story on it and constantly changing environment might give players a new experience. So, clearly, this is what they thinking to reach the audience, there is pretty good chance for it.

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Anthem: every things to know and
Anthem Co-Op gameplay


So far we have seen that it is a single story mode playable and a multiplayer Co-Op and No Pvp. What if the Co-Op and story mode combines, as EA delivers a new way of storytelling which involves friends to complete. There are many critics and chances behind this theory. Let me explain, In this, there might be a Multiplayer online story mode. as a player, you will complete those stories going through cut scenes and action taking as RPG. Your decision makes the story to move in a particular direction. So your decision leads to a different ending to finish with a mission(level by level), And you’ll team up with other players who connect with you in that particular mission. They all played their story with their own decision leading them to a particular ending mission(level by level). These four javelins have the same mission to complete and fight against the evil. If a person entered the mission with fewer level ups then dealing with the damage might be dangerous or there might be something there to do with him particularly.

Anthem: every things to know and
Massively Multiplayer Online

If this really happens then the way we deal with online multiplayer will be different. Story affects the player who play with you. You’ll be engaging with Colossus as Tank, Interceptor as Healer, Ranger as Warrior and Strom as the Mage.

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Anthem, A world of godlike tech scattered everywhere. the tools used to create this world. As the evil can use it in a wrong way, they divided in two, The Dominions and The Scars. The Dominions uses this godlike tech to rule and for other stuff. Maybe these villains like thing act as a commander and soldier or separate conditions. The other is The Sacrs. Power attracts everyone, Scars are alien invaders. They in rolling as another obstacle to be destroyed. The presence of the main villain in the topic of Co-Op maybe felt like an option than necessary. It requires other three members to complete the mission. In future, this counting could be rised.


Anthem: every things to know and
Anthem Customization

Anthem provides us customization and upgrades option. First, the Customization, moreover it is only cosmetics because it won’t increase or decrease the damage handling or power-ups or reducing weight or something important for combat. It is only for the look, such as weapon skins and decoys. Next is Upgrades, and yes upgrades are available but they won’t help you much in mission and also you want to buy them by in-game currency or the actual online credit. And the last two in Reward systems and Loots. In gameplay I noticed the player getting a semi-assault space gun with range capacity with other info after taking a shiny material in finished battle. There will be more or fewer. And you won’t find any Loots or chests or speed cards like that. Is all on how you play and buy your own upgrades and some useless skins.


Okay, now we are at the end of this article. we’ve seen many suggestions and thoughts on this game. EA is not only entering with new approach it also might change the way we play. There also several chances to get a flop. I’ll post that in upcoming days. They planned this game as a Multiyear-Plan. Anthem is officially releasing on February 22, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We’ll keep posting every day. so please make sure to check. Bye.



Cheers 🙂

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