Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Review with in-depth details…

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Review with in-depth details…[NO SPOILERS] So today we are going to see the newly arrived Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. We played so far and including tons of details which are astonishing and beautiful. In either way, this game in the entire series got some maturity with it. Right now with 1080ti as a high-end spec, the gameplay delivers a good amount of frames but Ubisoft pushed the limits once again than the origins. With details, gameplay specs and story, Odyssey has many faults carrying with it. Let’s get into it.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey brings lots of things to use and experience never before. While opening the game for the first time that excitement was great alongside a thought of the same old game with tweaking but as it seems anyway, We chose Kassandra as the main protagonist in the game. As the story moves on, the free roam part came later. Odyssey title on screen the game looks fantastic, With 1080ti and at the 4K resolution the game still didn’t touch 80FPS solid, Besides the other specs and at full potential, it could come up with 50 to 60 FPS. In consoles 30FPS was rare and the level of details could have been better. Even it has much frame differences gameplay makes better results and nothing noticeable to figure out fault. Post-process feels like pixilated while I’m still on a free land. Usage of color is brilliant and this time I could see much texture difference between the environment and the character itself.

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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Review with in-depth details...
PlayStation 4 gameplay
Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Review with in-depth details...
PlayStation 4 gameplay



Assassin’s Creed odyssey remains as the best so far from the franchise. In terms of gameplay fluid animations stands out top from the different view. You won’t longer stand or wait even for a second for the next action. Details also speak in the gameplay more over it affects the way you play. The main three things were parkour, combat, stealth and naval combat. Parkour systems will be in less requirement this time not many buildings yet. Combat tweaks this time delivers a new feel and takes less is good, line with it. Unlocking different abilities which is a need for the 100-hour gameplay is well balanced. The assassin’s bloodline very much similar to the last year’s Origins which using the magical powers with them. the crossbow was banned in AC2 and 1 to produce it as real but now DLC’s and in-game content using monsters and mythical gods from the dead looks annoying some sometimes. Naval combat introduced it assassin’s creed 3 and improving past years it seems like a Beyblade on the sea. The word innovation is good but not miss using it in a worse way. Naval combat could have been made better and realistic or even some changes and reducing mall things looks better.


This title is very important in the case of Greek mythology. Odyssey brings them back in God of War style. But now assassin’s creed delivers only the gameplay not the actual story expected to be good but now running for a profit. Driving the originality from the myths and movies with the same content we’ve already seen looks familiar over and over again. Bringing the Cyclops, Medusa and even more monsters don’t change a bit but anyway fans still making it alive. Next assassin’s creed game should take a rest before another installment.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Review with in-depth details...
PlayStation 4 gameplay


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This game is splendid. In graphics way, we have some issues but honestly, it took nicely in our hardware. Gameplay in the side of combat they planned a different approach but the naval combat should be improved next time.

We’ve talked everything about this title, so far. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies visit our site daily and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye

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