Battlefield 5 Everything you need to know

Battlefield 5 Everything you need to know… Nice day to start with the awesome new games are seeming to hit with another good shelf in the library.  Right now we are going to see the new version of the Battlefield franchise from EA and Dice using the updated Frostbite engine. We all know that the critics and reviews don’t affect or change the next year’s release are the upcoming products but if it changes what will be the specialized things to add or remove from the games like this. Let’s get into it.


Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment of the Battlefield series. EA this time making games that create such anger across the player worldwide in terms of lack of good content or releasing a polished and tweaked version of every ratio. In that category Battlefield, 5 placement is not a surprise. First, let’s know what are all the content we will acquire in the game and some new installment and changes might seem okay.

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Battlefield 5 Everything you need to know
Single Player Campaign



They say Battlefield V will never be the same again. Yes, finally they knew it after the Fifteen installments. The single player campaign at this time will more emotional and personal in all aspects. This Story will take place in the World War II and titled as Nordlys and this actually takes place in 1943 during the German occupation on Norway. This time we will play as a young woman who fighting for her liberation and struggling family. with high intensity and emotions, the story carries a different approach with strong plot content in it. The story as some potential to work on Battlefield series but the main cause of its success is the Multiplayer Content in it. For a change, the most important thing as a player wants is the better customization options. And also there are no loot boxes this time for the customization. we can play through the clothing with the big library and weapon skins for personalization. This also personalizes your Company. We see it below. They provide more customizations but it doesn’t hold show off time in the gameplay.


This time we get a massive option in the Battlefield franchise especially in Battlefield V. With three modes in our hands each looks balanced with one another. Combine Arms, Grand Operation and Battle Royale modes are eventually adding up with this game. Combine Arms lets you pick several options in the field including the play style, Spawn locations and even pushes you to the specific squad that you don’t wanna get into. Grand Operations allows many modifications in in-game content like the team and play style with different approaches as last team standing in the match. And comes with a variety of modes such as Airborne, Final Stand,  Conquest, Breakthrough,  Frontline, Dominations and Team Deathmatches. with dramatic WWII epic moments, Grand Operation is heavy. And last but not least the Battle Royale mode, reinventing the whole multiplayer industry with huge profits affects the Battlefield franchise too. So Battle Royale mode is confirmed and has high votes to be played after the Beta versions. These three modes have much more uniqueness in it and also it is playable in brand new big and better maps.

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Battlefield 5 Everything you need to know
Battlefield 5 Multiplayer options

As World War II as the main aspect of the game with some historic moments as a base the maps loos better. And as the rumor of the new Nvidia RTX compatibility, the real-time ray tracing graphics looks stunning. From Norway and Arctic Norvik, the world is active and best at its class.  And one thing to add up with the Multiplayer gameplay is the healing system. So in the actual gameplay, you can heal your mates with longtime interactions or if you are a medic then it reduces with time. So dependents are the core and the time thing makes sense.

We’ve talked everything about this title, so far. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies visit our site daily and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye

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