Best Browsers for Android 2020 You must Know and Use

Best Browsers for Android 2020!!! We have a lot of options when it comes to browsers on PC, but now it’s time to choose the best browsers for Android phones. When it comes to android all our phones will have Google installed as the mandatory browser and it is top browsers for sure.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t use other browsers according to our use and wish. Let’s surf the best browsers for android and you choose what you want at the end.

1. Google Chrome:

As you expected, Google Chrome is one of the top browsers available on the platform and has many sub-apps connected with it. Hands down, this is the favourite browser for many people as they are familiar with its functions and for its flexibility.

Chrome has features like “Incognito mode” for private browsing and have links with all other Google apps. With the new update, we can switch tabs faster and can even enable dark mode, which is now becoming a mandatory update for many software’s.

We all hate ads, I do, and Google is there to save us from having its ad-blocking feature. We can also save data by enabling Lite Mode but this will not work in incognito mode.

Chrome’s only drawback is it drains hell-a battery and I don’t want to talk about privacy policies.

Chrome is easy to use and its simple design pattern makes it more comfortable and one of the best browsers for android.

If you use any other browser, we recommend giving a shot to Google Chrome and I am sure you will like it.

Download from play store:

2. Mozilla Firefox:

This stands next to Google Chrome in all aspects. This has a large collection of themes and extensions which are customizable for your preference. This also supports many extensions such as u-Block, Dark reader, HTTP everywhere, and more. We can also customize the themes before installing from the Add-Ons store of Firefox and it gives you your own customization feeling. 

Privacy is a top-notch feature of this which makes this one of the best browsers for androids. We can block third-party ads with the enhanced tracking protection it offers. Google is the prime search engine available in Firefox and if you want, you can even change that.

Customization is easy add-ons are the features that make many people stick with Firefox and that is even more improved by their enhanced speed improvements. 

If you want a browser that must be crafted by you for your own style of usage, then Firefox might be the right pick for you.

Download from play store:

3. Brave Browser:

Brave Browser

I use Brave and recommend it. This is easily one of the most secured browsers available and its ad-blocking feature is love. This is built on chromium and it might give you the flashes of using Chrome.

This browser has an extensive ad-block feature that comes with the installation and you can disable the ad-block feature if some websites require it.

Brave browser has BAT tokens (digital currency) systems that allow it uses to earn by viewing the ad’s on verified websites and even these ads are not disturbing. See, it’s easy.

It also has the dark mode to save your battery and HTTP everywhere for improved security.

This also has TOR and duck-duck-go extensions which provide a deep SEO search and TOR acts as a free VPN. This simply makes this one of the best browses for android and I recommend this.

Download from play store:

4. Microsoft Edge:

I know what you are thinking. Who uses the edge for browsing? Believe me Microsoft Edge for Android is way more improved than the PC version, we are not kidding. We can say it is one of the under-rated android browsers.

This has a special feature that we can’t in any android browser- Continue on PC. This feature enables us to teleport the web pages directly from our mobile to PC with on tap. This is a major feature for business people carry out their work effectively.

Microsoft Edge comes with a built-in Ad blocker for blocking ads. This even has a Read-aloud feature that reads the web page content loud and it comes with a male and female voice. See Edge is improved.

Light and dark mode as seen in all browsers, and displays news then and there on its home page.

As I said we are not kidding and Microsoft Edge warns it’s way to one of the best Browsers for android and you must give a try for the sake of its PC history.

Download from play store:

5. DuckDuckGO:

As seen in the Brave browser as a simple extension, this is available as a separate App. If you are a tech nerd, you might have heard or used this. This is simply one of the best browsers for Android in terms of privacy and security.

There is no customization in this app. We can’t change the color or add any external extensions. You will get DuckDuckGo as the search engine and there is no change in that.

This has strong Encryption protection for blocking ads and unnecessary trackers. One tap enables dark and light mode and that is the only customization.

This is a simple browser easy to use UI and if you want privacy as rock hard then this is the best available browser for android.

Download from play store:

In the end, we have many options in choosing the best browsers for android and we are pretty sure you know what you want.


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