Better Watch This Before Downloading Gears Of War PC

Better Watch This Before Downloading Gears Of War PC, People who already find a passion for playing game always try to find a new experience of gaming. This is what the game developers are working with. The Coalition knows this so well, that is why they released Gears of War game. Released in 2016, Gears of War has become a favourite worldwide. It is not surprising many people try to find Gears of War PC download.

Better Watch This Before Downloading Gears Of War PC

Gears of War itself’ is about the adventure and struggle of 3 friends (JD Fenix, Del and Kait) who escape from an attack on their neighbourhood. This game will make your adrenaline coasting as you have to bring them to discover their enemy. In addition, they also have to rescue their family and friends.

Playing this kind of game alone is not that fun. You can ask another friend to play by splitting the screen. Some personalization is available. To make it more addictive, this game provides battle with increasingly strong enemies. You are also allowed to choose combat class and level up your skills. Considering this, Gears of War PC download sounds worthwhile.


System Requirements

Ensuring the specifications of your device is essential as determines whether or not you can install the game on your device. In case you want to play on PC, there are several minimum requirements you have to meet. Gear of War is compatible for Windows 10. If your PC has lower OS, you cannot install this game.

Gears of War PC download require 8 GB of RAM. Compared to the other game with the same graphics and genre, the required memory is quite high. In addition, the processor should be at least Intel i5 or AMD FX-6300. To get the best graphic, it is recommended to use Nvidia Geforce 750 or AMD Radeon 260X. Those are the minimum requirements to open this game. If you have higher PC specifications, it will be better.

How to Download and Install

If you are sure enough that the PC meets the requirement, now you can get Gears of War PC download on the official website of Microsoft. Simply click the Buy button and you will be redirected to the Xbox store. You can also download the game through the Windows Store.

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However, downloading from Windows Store sometimes takes much time. Here you can do these steps to install without really download the game.

  • Open Windows Store and find the Gears of War game.
  • After starting the download process, you can press pause. You will see appearing URL.
  • Copy the URL and paste to IDM or other download managers you have.
  • You will know the URL is original by seeing the file size. It should be more than 100 GB.
  • After finishing the download, you have a file with .appx.
  • Open powershell and enter command add-appxpackage<space><filepath>.
  • The installation process will begin and you just need to wait for the game to launch.

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After knowing all Better Watch This Before Downloading Gears Of War PC, now you are ready to download one for your PC. In conclusion, this game is pretty fun as you can have a new gaming experience. At least it will not make you bored with the same game. Source From: Seslichatsohbet


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