Cyberpunk-2077: Everything you need to know Explained

Cyberpunk-2077: Everything you need to know, in-game and developer media at the same time. So, welcome all of you today we are going to talk about this topic more detailed and the compatible console architecture.  We also gonna share some cons similar to the other games laying in the market regarding Cyberpunk 2077 So, lets got into it.

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The New Sanfransisco

Microsoft E3 2018 brings a brand new game into the market by CD Projekt Red. Yes, most of you don’t know who they are actually but they made an earlier game which is way better than others in the Witcher series. They also undergoing some projects. In future, we could expect more title based on RPG. Cyberpunk-2077 was mindblowing in five ways. E3 was talking mainly about this. Still, we played a massive open world in 2013 by Rockstar games, the Grand Theft Auto 5. Hmm, GTA 5 was more anticipated and also they were in the market in selling them continuously. GTA 5 Online earning their profit till now. Why I’m relating it to Cyberpunk-2077 is because of its stunning graphics in street sides. If you get a game with GTA quality Society and slummed Sci-Fi cheap tech everywhere then Cyberpunk-2077  will be the result. It brings back the GTA 5 memories as we going to experience in a punk way through this Cyberpunk-2077.

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Cyberpunk-2077: Everything you need to know Detailed
The Trauma team


Why the expectations rised especially about this game. If you are Witcher 3 player tried to finish it for years, you have to think about that. As the latest futuristic era, Cyberpunk 2077 was deep down in its detail. We didn’t watch any news regarding the game through videos but one thing for sure. It is mindblowing in the way they still in the story combining the tech, slums, and what would be future will look like. As the end of the trailers, We saw some chase into the city which denotes the exploration experience will be awesome. The neon lights, patrol cops will be replaced by drones, smoke effects, slum areas looking gorgeous in daylight. I’m not saying it is different from other perspectives of city-based open world games. I’m sure that we are going to play it like every other city-based open world games but the interaction is going to be different. It would be a hit because of its enhanced uniqueness.

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Cyberpunk-2077: Everything you need to know Detailed
A Chase


Witcher 3 was a phenomenon, it’s beautiful and the narration was based on your action. It’s a fictional fantasy invited us to play the medieval scene fighting monsters but in this game, the absolution is in the turnover. RPG element in the Sci-Fi way makes us think it as a tryout. There is no doubt that it is an RPG. But there is a huge disadvantage in this game regarding the element. The success of Witcher 3 could cause a consumable amount of damages to Cyberpunk-2077. The audience already experienced a good game with Witcher 3, and here is the main curvature, if they crossed it then it also represented as another hit in the market. The thing is that the deliverance, Cd Projekt Red is a big studio with least amount of games in their pocket, so the way they going to tell the story and making the players move through it should be not lesser than the Witcher 3. If it failed, one hundred percent it will survive but that’s it, Goes with a name.

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Cyberpunk-2077: Everything you need to know Detailed
What would I think?


Cyberpunk 2077 attracted because of its high-quality textures. It was actually revealed in Xbox E3 2018, were Phill Spencer Head of Xbox mentioned that ” Hardware team delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deeply architecting the next Xbox Consoles” while in the other hands Sony PlayStation 4 is rumored to be due to replacement in 2020. The next generation consoles were still in development, So Cd Projekt Red is targeting the current generation consoles for the game. As mentioned, the 4K and some higher resolution will be promised to be played. For now, we’ll be able to only watch that E3 trailer as indicated Game Engine Footage. We don’t know what game engine they are using behind that. While zooming closely we still notice some pixelates far about some meters. But I could say that Xbox One X will handle this at 4K 3840X2160, runs pretty well. Locks at 30Fps Looking ugh good.

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Cyberpunk-2077: Everything you need to know Detailed
Decent 4K Promise

So far we’ve seen things from the creator’s words, rumors, news and the only trailer at E3. We are eager to hear everything from everywhere for you. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye.

Cheers 🙂


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