Don’t Download Call Of Duty For Android Beta

Don’t Download Call Of Duty For Android Beta. Recently Call Of Duty For Android Beta Launched Online As Call of Duty: Legends of War. Its Been A Day Launch Of This New Game. Here Is Why You Should Not Download This Game.

Don’t Download Call Of Duty For Android Beta:

The Huge Crazy Towards Battle Royal Mode For Android Is Popular. Especially PUBG Mobile In Asia Region Are The Most Trending Games Among Mobile Users. After A Months Of Releasing PUBG Mobile. Epic Game Came With Huge Surprise Of Fortnite For Android. But Unfortunately Fortnite Wasnt That Much Popular Like PUBG Mobile.

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Due To Own Publisher, Yes Its Launched On Own Website And It’s Not Released On PlayStore. And It Does Not Support For Every Mobile. Now The Most Popular First Person Shooting Game Among PC And Console Players Is Now Entering Into Mobile Segment.

Source: Xda Developer

Activision Has Teamed Up With Tencent Games to release Call of Duty: Legends of War, it’s a newest first-person shooter for the Android platform.  It Comes With Multiplayer And Zombies Mod Where You Can Play With Your Freinds into a 5×5 PvP battle with different modes like Team Deathmatch and Frontline.

Zombies Mod Is An PvE Battle You Can Play As Solo Or With Your TeamMates. Its All Packs Up With FPS For Android.


Why You Should Not Download This Game:

Its Still On Beta Stage And The Beta Is Not Yet Released Globally. It Launched In Some Regions. But Any How You Will Be Able To Download And Play Using VPN. This Was Trending On The Internet. Some Of Them Faced Issues Like “Check Your Name” Error, Even Though Using VPN Lot Of New Users Unable To log in. And Now Finally Update Came To Fix This Issue Now.

And Its Nothing But Beta Registrations Are Closed For New Users May Due To Its Limitations. The Update With 3-4MB Shows Registrations Are Closed For This Time. Stay Tuned For More Information. You Can See This Message Below In The ScreenShots.

So Don’t Download APK And OBB And Waste Your Time And Your Data. You Can Spend On Something Useful. We, Will, Let You Notify When The Registration Are Open And When It Can Be Played.


Zombies Gameplay:

DOWNLOAD LINK(Registrations Closed):

If You are Still Wishing To Download Call of Duty: Legends of War Beta Here Is The Link You Can Go Download.

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So In This Post, We Have Seen About Don’t Download Call Of Duty For Android Beta. Hope Yours Saving Time On Something Usual. Kindly Share And Keep Visiting Us Daily For More Post. 🙂



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