Electronic Arts(EA) will be on track in this year end!

Electronic Arts(EA) will be on track in this year-end!… Welcome guys, so today we light up something special regarding the gamer’s lovable haters Electronic Arts (EA). Why rumors spreading EA is in danger or the statics report of the EA’s current market from various websites contouring that EA will be faded in recent years. Confused with the numbers and facts then this is time to know that the games we love from them, is it enjoyable and what will be in upcoming month’s tensing various game releases and line up affects them eventually. Here is a question for you, Do you need EA to exist or just the games from them because we want an experience, not the company that makes so no more statics and instead we might solve as a statement. Let’s get into it.

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Before getting into the main drama, let me be clear with the decisions. EA is currently resolving its status at the same time it is in danger of course. Because they sold 24% of the stocks and hanging with their sports and Android sections at first place. Here are some main three reasons and understandable with a cause. Just three and everything is dependent and running through it.

Electronic Arts(EA) will be on track in this year end!
Promising line up


The first reason or a factor that makes EA is safer side is the three main genres of game. The Sports section, First Person Shooter, and The Upcoming MMO story driven. Last year EA Sports only helped them to survive FIFA 17 and followed by FIFA 18 has much revenue on their site. Though Madden, NHL, UFC, and NBA played an important role, Again EA sports surviving with strong lineups. But this might totally change in 19 versions. On the other hand, they have an FPS franchise with Battlefield, Starwars, Mass effect, and Titan fall behaving as an average revenue. Especially Titan fall 2 and Andromeda was a huge disappointment for them. Battlefield fans are still engaging with their bloodline like every year. And finally the mobile market, Android was tough and promising in different aspects as we go through the user base statics. We can now play a console level graphics with a smartphone but at the same time nowadays a viral trend has begun in millions so Android is not giving hands to EA is a good way. This also includes Need for Speed franchise both mobile and Console.


This, not the first time that EA is facing such a bad situation. This is because of two new approaches for worst company of the year twice in a row. First is the new game titles such as Wayout, which quite unique by the way but it isn’t executed well and the other is the Anthem next year’s anticipated game. which is indeed has some great potential in it but who knows it could turn out to be a disaster. One thing for sure trying new things is okay but not improving is aspects of revenue or sales.

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Electronic Arts(EA) will be on track in this year end!
Releasing on 20 November 2018

The market has other companies two mostly running with the same title with a different era and the others are coming a gap year with best games on road. When you combine all of the minor changes won’t be marked as a difference but EA congrats. This year is nearly coming to an end with three months to go. Others are dropping games from this September end and October, EA too. If this could act as a change for EA till next March then they surely see some recovery.


So we are at the end. We have FIFA 19 on September 28, BATTLEFIELD 5 on November 20, ANTHEM on February 22 and SEA OF SOLITUDE on early 2019. Then on android still some games are going on well. Despite revenue engaging with new ideas and producing new games makes them back on track anytime soon.

We’ve talked everything about this title, so far. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies visit our site daily and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye

Cheers 🙂

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