Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Review: A fun-filled combat

Review: Cuteness is not in short supply through Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. From the customized Minions-style blob you manage to the wacky challenges that will have you dodging massive bits of fruit dropping or racing through rotating windmills like a player on a mini-golf course.

This is an unmistakably quick and furious royal combat. But one in which physical fighting is not even an option: your strike has all the power of a cushion and your catch. These are only successful at moments of slowing both yourself and your foe. Your target, huh? To conquer or outlast your 59 cute enemies through a sequence of various elimination levels, and should the chance emerge to subtly drive an opponent away from the brink, you’ll want to seize it.


One of the best aspects of “Fall Guys” is that it’s not complex, rendering it open to nearly all. Players are running around their worlds, so they have buttons to make the leap, dive so catch. In there, competitors are plunged into a sequence of challenges and obstacle courses that a limited number of participants will compete. Every round takes down the combined mass of up to 60 players before one is left standing.

The fun in “Fall Guys” arises from unadulterated anarchy. If you put 60 men through an obstacle course and introduce unforgiving mechanics, players can see their jelly bean-like avatars topple over at shock stages, causing a pile-up of limbs. Elsewhere, the propellers will be rattled, and their protagonists will float helplessly around the frame. In stressful conditions, the athletes can jostle and drive each other off the side of the frame in order to escape.

Losing may be furious and often it’s, but loops of “Fall Guys” fly through rounds so quickly that frustrated feelings dissipate when players are plunged through another game. The high turnover keeps them focused as they fight three separate forms of competition. Obstacle courses are nearly often the largest, whittling the audience down to about 40 or so. From there, players discover escape games where they have to remain alive for some time while they leap over spinning weapons or attempt to grab a tail until the time limit runs out in a tag-like challenge.

Fall Guys Gameplay


Ultimately, there is always the seasonality of “Fall Guys”. Whether it’s anything like “Fortnite” or “Player Unknown’s Battleground,” fans will anticipate fresh content per season.

Despite real-life parties being limited by COVID-19, games like “Fall Guys” are one of the only places that players will find out about the raucous environment. It’s a way to capture the buzz of the crowd when you’re at home. It’s a game that’s great for the summer of 2020 and for the rest of the year.

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