FIFA 19 review: in PS4 and Xbox One…

FIFA 19 review: in PS4 and Xbox One… Welcome guys again and today we are going to see the truthful review about the Electronic Arts new FIFA game. This review is not late but we had a better hands on it after its official release on 28th September. Well, reviewing cannot make it as same so let’s send some things to EA for this year’s new and same game FIFA 19. We have gone through every notion in the game and supplies have gone crazier than before especially we have bleeding years so far from the FIFA franchise though it is the top-selling sports video game right now. Let’s get into it.


While we were playing their Demo game, We expected a lot from them which includes the actual game experience rather than the midterm goal scoring conditions that makes it looks same again. EA sports should give break for FIFA but at the same time, we are buying them year after year. It’s not a conspiracy but we are going after an experience in place of visual development. This year’s FIFA has the same things as before but they did some jobs that clearly stand out from it’s an older version.

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Honestly, FIFA 13 was absolutely innovative at it’s time EA did a good job and yet we still loved it. With little gameplay improvements and better-looking menus won’t fix those long-lasting problem.


FIFA 19 has many good sides and new additions in it. Well mostly like, the UEFA champion’s league, tweaked career mode and new gameplay rules. UEFA champions’ league finally licensed and made it to FIFA 19 but not as expected. New name boards and single Anthem looks good but feels like will fade away in days. Bluish and funny. Career mode this time noticeably we have a real-time lavishness in the game and small elements like release clause and animations have changed. And new gameplay rules have come in variations, like House rules, Survival. These produce considerable amount acceptance from the audience but actually did they exist. There are did a pile of new things were found but not encouraging or even gave us a sight while gaming.


EA has once again proved they are genius but we couldn’t feel that in FIFA 19whichh was same and increasing at percent in frustration. FIFA 18 delivered neat tactics with a simple selection, Bit this time it needs more input from the players. But that isn’t the case, we all loved it that this change could make a difference yet it id but not. The difference is said to be on its position when is it’s even notable for 10 bucks. While in gaming the gameplay makes me feel in control than last year but some things where change and collapsed that acted well last time out. Instead, they want us to make keynote for 19. Affecting the player’s overpower situations tactics have been reduced and made tougher than before.

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FIFA 19 review: in PS4 and Xbox One...
Deliberately good


So FIFA 19 provides two results as often year after year. This new addition makes unique with different elements but that isn’t actually working as well. Bringing new content, improving graphics, getting license and improvised same gameplay doesn’t make it a hit so, they should want a break or…

We’ve talked everything about this title, so far. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies visit our site daily and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye

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