Firefox Introduces Firefox Color and Some Cool New Features

Recently Firefox Introduces Firefox Color And SlideView experiment that adds power and style to Firefox. Now We Can Customize Own Themes Even We can Customize Colors of tab, text, search box and more.


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It’s a straightforward device that gives you a chance to pick diverse shading blends and foundation surfaces for your own Firefox.

Choose Colours And Textures

Make topics by picking hues and foundation surfaces. You can share your manifestations or spare them for yourself.

It Allows Users to Create Own Themes On Firefox anyone can now easily make firefox themes and even you can share them with your friends or family. And It really looks Insane.

There Are Some Presets you can choose it

Side View empowers you to multitask with Firefox more than ever by giving you a chance to keep two sites open next to each other in a similar window.


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Firefox Color makes it simple to alter the look and feel of your Firefox program. With only a couple of snaps, you can make wonderful Firefox subjects all your own.

The two investigations are accessible today from Firefox Aircraft tester. Give them a shot, and bear in mind to give us input. You’re forming the fate of Firefox!

Firefox makes you watch YouTube recordings while shopping, or stay up with the latest on Twitter while chipping away at a spreadsheet? Side View gives you a chance to send sites and connections to your Firefox sidebar to make multitasking simpler than any time in recent memory.




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