GTA 6 is Confirmed: And you have to wait for one particular thing…

GTA 6 is Confirmed: And you have to wait for one particular thing… is time. First of all, stop believing rumors or searching other websites to save time which leads to a mind blow. Factors are important and you need to know that you are excited to understand that Rockstar is going to hit the market again. If GTA 6 arrives on the market it’ll definitely have a huge invitation worldwide. So today I’m gonna talk about the clear information from Rockstar and some pieces of information from the News origins. So, here is our answer and you don’t need to search until Rockstar’s official announcement of the date on other websites. let’s get into it.

GTA 6 is Confirmed: And you have to wait for one particular thing...
Screenshot from GTA 5

So, first I’m gonna be cleared with a discussion based on GTA 6’s arrival. I separated top 3 factors for the GTA 6’s announcement and your idea about the rumors and yet at the end of this article I’ll mention the announcement of the next version. What are those three factors and why it is necessary for our understanding, well if this question is surrounding your head for some couple of times, then our answer is right here.

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In E3 2018 we saw massive new games and it’s announcement dates, mesmerizing offers and DLC’s so far so good. But where are Rockstar games in E3 2018?. Well, they were at E3, they didn’t reveal the game in public but gave an secret gameplay with IGN and some other reporters. The game I’m talking about is Red Dead Redemption 2, not Grand Theft Auto 6. For more information about Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 click this link. So Rockstar is busy with some serious game around their waist. RDR 2 is the second biggest installation in that franchise with high upgrades in gameplay and most terrifying graphics. Note that I’m saying as so far. GTA 5 was released in 2013, ah five years from now, between that gap, we didn’t get any information regarding GTA 6 or L.A Noire or Max Payne’s next installment or RDR 2. but now one thing is for sure that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out. RDR 2 is a major title for Rockstar because they spent years for this game particularly including some upgrades in their RAGE engine. So, GTA 6 is only under consideration not as in development.

GTA 6 is Confirmed: And you have to wait for one particular thing...
Screenshot from GTA 5


The next Factor is about the RAGE. RAGE is Rockstar’s Advanced Game Engine. In 2013, when Rockstar announced GTA 5 for PlayStation 3, 4 and Xbox 360, One and later on PC. At that time it was at the top because of the Graphics quality. Max Payne 3, GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 were made with RAGE. But while we pick GTA 5 on RAGE, it was best looking than other in these row because they updated it for better rendering quality, high poly shaders, Shadow quality and best texture filter and many. It played a vital role in the success of GTA 5, Who else wants a better story. Honestly, most of the results show that the huge sales are based on graphics, gameplay and online facilities. They will definitely make an upgrade for a better look for GTA 6.

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Another factor is Rockstar’s profit on GTA 5. Since 2013, it’s online payment and scheduled DLC’s still captures many of the player’s worldwide. There are tons of things to do and Rockstar still provides tools to them such as mission making, video editor, and online mission differs in new DLC’s. They crossed One Billion Dollars in worldwide sales. On other hands, PS4 and Xbox One and PC’s sales constantly increasing, if the GTA 6 releases in 2019, Consoles play a vital role in profit. We didn’t get a clear announcement for the next generation consoles. And it needs time to but those consoles bought by people around the world in large scales. Right now Rockstar’s aim is on three profitable games. One is Red Dead Redemption 2 release in 2018, Max Payne release in 2019 and GTA 5’s Online game.

GTA 6 is Confirmed: And you have to wait for one particular thing...
Screenshot from GTA 5


So we are here at the end of this article. Why I’m posting the factors first and announcement in last because the content I’m gonna fetch needs those factors at first place. We will get GTA 6 from Rockstar Games and we won’t get that from any other developers. And next generation consoles remains a question for GTA 6 release, and RDR 2 and Max Payne 4 on 2019 definitely shows that GTA 6 won’t hit the market till 2019. Rockstar cannot rely on GTA 6 development for years because they need to come up with different games. So GTA 6 will be released in 2020 on new consoles like PS5 and Xbox Two and Nintendo switch. One thing is for sure, they still waiting for these console to be released. PS5 is coming! for more details on that Click the link below.

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