Henry Cavill no longer as Superman: Did Witcher Killed Him?

Henry Cavill no longer as Superman: Did Witcher Killed Him?… Right now the trending has a place for Henry Cavill who was a former role of Superman. It was official and median that he won’t be playing Superman in DC movies. So without him what are consequences might occur in the structural change in DC line.

Henry Cavill no longer as Superman: Did Witcher Killed Him?


So the confirmation has just revealed with a little bit of rumour in the Superman role. We saw Henry Cavill from Man Of Steel to The Batman Vs Superman and I’m not talking about Justice league. He did that role well and suited for him, this makes the name Superman brings Cavill. So the new cast might take some time to agree by the audience well in other way DC is looking after the female version as instead in the main screen.  Cavill has made this decision and the news spreading a day ago this result could have been made because of the new Netflix series The Witcher.

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After this news or in preparation DC has some new views on the female version The Supergirl. As a movie, we didn’t have anything yet either news or official confirmation but now DC can make it as Big screen project. Melissa Benoist in her Supergirl series with the current season 3 and running well. So she may not be in the big screen instead they will be searching for both Superman and Supergirl cast in the future. The rapid decision can make the results positive or worse for DC after the release of Justice league in 2017. It didn’t get much as expected on the fan base.

Henry Cavill no longer as Superman: Did Witcher Killed Him?
Hope is Dead – Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


As a Debut in Man Of Steel in 2013, Henry Cavill was at his best in every shot, so far so good. Everyone loved the movie an waiting for the nest sequel The Man Of Steel 2. With still in rumors, the second part would be in 2019 but we didn’t get an official confirmation even as a twitter post. And everyone didn’t expect this news as he moves on to the exclusive Netflix series. As said before in searching of Superman and Supergirl cast there might be a debate arises in the near future in pointing Superman. After JL the upcoming Aquaman movie is promising for DC but who knows, on the other hand, Marvel has its own grocery list which is more promising. In Man Of Steel 2, there will be a place for Brainiac as the Villian and Supergirl and Superman combo for sure.


On the other hand for sure that as a lead role in the upcoming Netflix series Witcher, Henry Cavill’s decision might be affected. As the best game, Witcher3 wild hunt made a mark upon in everyone’s sight. In thought as a series, Witcher is more packed with better expectations in it. Henry Cavill’s current position in audience vice he got a bit lucky with his acting skills in Mission impossible Fallout. Nearly the place as Tom Cruise. As everything comes together Cavill attention was made him as Geralt for the Witcher series. We didn’t see any official poster, so the shoot is going on its first season. This could be a tragedy or a hit. Who knows… we saw, we heard and presented the actual contents going on so the next predictions will be the cast and the series.

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