Hide Or Die: Everything you need to know

Hide Or Die: Everything you need to know… Welcome again guys today we are going to share something about the new game yet to come to the market but had some pretty good reviews through the community. Hide Or Die was a mental horror game in its division is unique and has something special in it.  We are going to know the origins and what could have been given to the players at the A+ sight and why the same thing with a few modifications delivered around us. Let’s Get into it.


Hide or Die is a Battle royale horror game developed by VecFour Digital and getting greater reviews with their first game. They released a very normal version for the test experience and has lots and lots of bugs in it. Yet we cannot confirm most detailed and compelling information regarding the game. But everything was defined right now. They have some information on their website where we can go and check some things they wanted to share with us. Their game engine will be an unreal engine or a custom one.

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Hide Or Die: Everything you need to know
Hide Or Die: UI\

We could get some information regarding the UI. It looks decent but making it anonymously great with general items in it. You could find some store tab but yet we cannot customize our character to a greater extent. The clothing is better with varieties and have some leveled cloths to wear. The much progress will reward with some level ups like other games. If we wanted to buy from the store in the worst case scenario it will be only loot boxes and other simple skins or tattoos. we didn’t find spectating options but it’s unique by the way.


The working progress was good and has some issues on servers to provide an awesome experience. it’s a horror game and as well as a battle royale, and also on the gaming sessions, we could find a big notable lagging though I had only 10 pings or something. The gameplay is pretty simple and neat. we don’t wanna kill each other and thank god battle royale with some goodness. We player has to roam around in those perfect night and dark fog systems and the sounds around us making it best in experience. We should activate several checkpoint switches to turn on light generators and finally meets up with a winner. But where is the game? So to add some survival instinct to the game in the name of Fisher-Man and Krampus. As with the Beta coming on October 21st to November 6th the game’the main villain will be the krampus. It’s kind of a creatures designed to to kill you on sight. So, the gameplay is simple. You have to turn on all the generators available, either as alone or by a team. there will be a last man standing situation were you’ll be left alone with the creature in the game.

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Hide Or Die: Everything you need to know
Character Designs

For the full gameplay video check our videos section and also you’ll find more off the topic. We’ve talked everything about this title, so far. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies visit our site daily and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye

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