How Starlink Will Change The Internet?

Imagine you’re in a forest in the middle of nowhere there’s no Wi-Fi cell phone service or any way to communicate with the outside world there’s not much you can do about it, until now. How Starlink Will Change The Internet.

Why SpaceX is Creating a Global Internet Service?

SpaceX has been launching StarLink satellites into orbit since 2019, it’s Elon Musk’s ambitious project to provide high-speed Internet anywhere even to the most remote locations in the world. the goal is to connect the planet by delivering Internet to places where it’s unreliable expensive or just not available, but StarLink is also being created for another reason there’s a bigger purpose behind it which I’ll get to at the end.

So how exactly does Starlink work?

SpaceX is using its Falcon9 rocket to launch about 60 Stirling satellites at a time. the satellites are stacked on top of each other input in the capsule. The satellites
are placed at a relatively low altitude in space because the closer you are to earth the lower the latency. latency refers to how much time it takes for a signal to travel to its destination and back. so low latency gives you higher internet speed. StarLink speed will be good enough for competitive gaming it’s targeting a latency of fewer than 20 milliseconds. that’s faster than a cable internet incomparable what you’d get with fibre-optic broadband.

1,000 satellites will be enough for basic service but SpaceX wants to get 12,000 of these satellites into orbit as of June 13, 2020, SpaceX has launched 540. the
company has actually applied for permission to launch up to 42,000 satellites. Although it’s not guaranteed that they’ll actually launch that many. why so many because the satellites are. so much closer to earth they cannot be stationary. they have to move faster to maintain their orbit. they’ll cover a smaller area, so more satellites are
required for internet coverage everywhere.

what SpaceX is trying to achieve Is unprecedented. Only about 9,000 satellites have ever been launched in all of history. out of those 9,000, about 5,000 are in orbit, in less than half are actually in use. In comparison, StarLink will be a ridiculously large satellite constellation. but with that comes concerns scientists are worried about light pollution because of how much closer the satellites are to the earth, they are bright enough to see without a telescope.

SpaceX has been trying to address the issue. the latest batch it launched had a sunshade, that can block reflections of sunlight off the antenna. StarLink is controlled on earth with a device about the size of a pizza box. the terminal will look like round UFO, on a stick and it’ll be easy to use.

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There are two instructions:

  • Plug-in socket
  • Point at Sky

but it’s not so simple for those who live in countries where the internet is censored. one of the most famous examples is the Great Firewall of China, where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and YouTube zone or Google are all banned. Starlink’s internet access cannot be controlled by national governments because it does not rely on domestic communications infrastructure, but a government that censors the internet will probably ban the Starlink device. like most things that are banned, it will be impossible to confiscate them all. but countries can also try to jam the satellite signals or take it one step further Elon once said this about what China could do.

let’s not forget elon’s other company Tesla has a lot invested in China there is a huge customer base there as well as the Giga factory in Shanghai.

StarLink hopes to begin service in North America first. starting with the northern US and Canada in 2020 and then expanding coverage to nearly everywhere in the world by 2021. if you live in a large city StarLink is not necessarily going to replace your internet provider. StarLink is not intended to be used in high-density areas because it doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth. The focus is on reaching places that don’t have coverage or where coverage is weak. SpaceX does have competition in the space internet race, but it’s also ahead of the game. the company is at an advantage because it owns its own rockets, and the Rockets are reusable
they land back on earth. that is key because it significantly brings down the cost of each launch. the British startup one web was a competitor but earlier this year it filed for bankruptcy.

Amazon’s project Kuiper also wants to bring you high-speed Internet from space. its CEO Jeff Bezos is the owner of Blue Origin. which is also developing reusable rockets. SpaceX has not said how much the Starlink service will cost as of the publishing of this post but this is meant to generate a lot of revenue for the company. SpaceX estimates StarLink will eventually bring in 30 billion dollars a year. that’s about 10 times more than the annual revenue it expects from its core rocket launch business. How Starlink Will Change The Internet.

so at the beginning of the post, I talked about how there’s a bigger purpose for the creation of StarLink. the bigger goal is this. the revenue from StarLink will be used to support Elon’s greatest ambition:

I can’t emphasize this enough this is the thing that we need to do we must make life sustainably

Elon Musk

Starlink will help fund the development of a city on mar. there are also plans to use the satellite system on the Red Planet too. so Starlink is not just a standalone project. it’s a piece of a puzzle. leading to a larger goal. it’s not an end, but a means to an end. that end is civilization on another planet.

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