How To Create Procedural Chains in Blender?

Creating chains for games or film can be a difficult task, especially when manually creating them link by link. This problem amplified when there’s a demand for many variations of chains that you’ll need to place by hand.

In this Blender tutorial, we will look at blending manual and procedural workflows to make the design and creation process much more straightforward, as well as nearly non-destructive as possible. The result of this tutorial will be an efficient curve-based system that will enable the artist to quickly re-design their creations to meet any creative redirection with ease.

Steps To How To Create Procedural Chains in Blender 2.83:

  • Add a mesh and choose torus. And Edit 16/8 Major and Minor Segments.
  • In Edit Mode, Delete half of the vertices.
  • Move Slight Away, and in the modifier, tab adds a mirror modifier.
  • Make Sure to turn on clipping in the mirror modifier.
  • Extrude half of the torus along X-axis.

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  • In Object Mode, Shade Smooth the torus.
  • Add an array modifier and turn off the relative offset.
  • Add an Empty and select any empty. I have chosen Plain Axes.
  • In the Array, Modifier Turn On Object Offset and choose the empty you created.
  • Select the empty and move a slight away and rotate 90%.
How To Create Procedural Chains in Blender?

The Chain has to follow the path we have given so that we will use a curve modifier.

  • Add a curve and select any curve you need. I have chosen the path curve.
How To Create Procedural Chains in Blender?
  • Add a curve modifier to the Chain we have created and choose the Curve you have created in the curve object menu.
Procedural Chains in Blender?
  • Edit the Curve according to your needs.
Procedural Chains in Blender?
  • In the Array Modifier Change Fit Type from Fixed Count to Fit Curve.
  • And select The Curve that you have chosen for the curve modifier.
Create Procedural Chains in Blender?

Source/Credits: CGCookie


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