How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop Or PC

How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop Or PC, In This Post, We Will See How To Hack Wifi Passwords. Hacking Of WiFi Passwords These Days Or Not That Much Easy. As Technology Grows Using Of WiFi Getting More Popular. Lots Of WiFi Available Everywhere But Its Very Hard To Connect It And It Has More Stronger Security.

How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop Or PC

Many Of Them Thinks That Hacking is Easy Like Pressing Hack Button It Can Hack Anything. Actually, Hacking Is Easy Who Know Coding Or Programming Language. When It Comes To Hacking Most Asked Question Is How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop Or PC. Here Are Some Tricks That I Will Show You On How To Find WiFi Passwords That Connected To PC Or Laptop.

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1. View Saved WiFi Password in Computer

This Is Apart From Hacking And Its Definitely Not Hacking Its A Trick To View WiFi Passwords That Are Connected To Your Laptop. By This Method, You Can View WiFi Passwords On Your Friends Laptop Or PC And Then You Can Connect It To Your Computer.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as Administrator in your Window PC.

Step 2: Type below command in Command Prompt.

netsh wlan show profile name=proxyarts key=clear

Step 3: Make sure you replace proxyarts with your wifi name or SSID


2. Hack WiFi Using Windows Aircrack-ng Software.

You Can Hack Wifi On Windows With The Help Of Aircrack-ng Software. It Can Hack Mostly WEP, WPA/WPA2 Security Wifi Easily. It Can Crack Wifi Passwords Once Enough Data Packets Is Collected. The Interface Between The Software Are Standard But It Command Line Skills Needed For Cracking The Wifi Passwords.

You Can Watch This Videos In Order To Install And Crack Wifi Passwords Using Aircrack-ng.

You Can Download Aircrack-ng From Here: https://www.aircrack-ng.org/downloads.html

3. Find the Current Wi-Fi Network’s Password on Windows

As We Said Early You Can Find Save Passwords On PC Using Command Prompt And There Is An Another Way Where You Can Find The Current WiFi Networks Password On Windows.

STEP 1: Open  Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

open network and sharing center

Click On Your Wifi Connection


Click On Wireless Properties


Select Security Tab And Select Show Characters To View The Password


By This Method, You Can View Connected Networks WiFi Passwords Easily.

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4. Hack WiFi Passwords Using KaliLinux

KaliLinux Is A Operating System Made For Hackers And Hacking It Comes With Set Of Hacking Tools Where You Can Hack Anything With The Help Of These Tools. In Order To Work This Method, You Must Have Installed Kali Linux On Your System And It Should Run Latest Version Of KaliLinux OS.


First, open terminal. We need to know the name of the wireless adapter connected to the computer because a computer has many adapters connected.

the command for this is iwconfig.

In my case,  my wireless adapter is with the name wlan0. In your case, it may be different.  If connected to an external wireless card, it may be wlan1or2.


For some wireless cards, it gives error messages to enable monitor mode on wireless cards.  For that, you should use airmon-ng check kill.



In this step,  you need to enable the monitor mode on the wireless card. The command is as follows:

airmon-ng start wlan0(interface of wireless card).

Now this command will enable the monitor mode on the wifi card. So while using interface in any terminal or command line use wlan0mon.

Note: You should use the interface which is indicated with a red mark.


          We need to use the command airodump-ng wlan0mon, this will display all the access points in your surroundings and also the clients connected to that access points.

Now, this command captures the packets in the air. This will gather data from the wireless packets in the air.
Note: Do not close this terminal. This will be used to know WPA has been captured or not.
In this step, we will add some parameters to airodump-ng.
command is airodump-ng -c channel –bssid [bssid of wifi] -w [path to write the data of packets]   wlan0mon[interface].
-bssid in my case bssid is indicated with a red mark.
 -c channel is the channel of victim wifi in my case it is 10(see in the previous screenshot for channel number)
-w It is used to write the captured data to a specified path in my case it is ‘/root/Desktop/hack’.
The interface in my case is wlan0mon.

In the above command, the path /root/Desktop/ hack hack is the name of the file to be saved.

Above command displays this terminal.

In this step, we deauthenticate the connected clients to the Wi-Fi.
The command is aireplay-ng –deauth 10 -a [router bssid] interface

In the above command, it is optional to give the client mac address it is given by -c <client mac>
This will disconnect the client from an access point.
Screenshot of a client connected to access point.

After this, the client tries to connect to the Wi-Fi again. At that time, we will capture the packets which send from the client.  From this result, we will get WPA handshake.

Now we should start cracking the Wi-Fi with captured packets command for this is
aircrack-ng -b [bssid of router] -w [path to word list] [path to capture packets]
       -w path to word list in my case it is ‘/root/Desktop/wordlist.txt’
If you did not have a word list, get one. If you want to generate your custom word list.

Now press enter aircraft will start cracking the Wi-Fi.

Aircrack cracked Wi-Fi and key found.
Note: To use this method you need to have wordlist compulsory there are many wordlists available on internet you can download them.

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In This Post, We Have Seen About How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop Or PC And How To Find Wifi Passwords Saved Or Connected To Your Computer Hope You Like This Tricks Share Your Comments On Comment Section Below And Kindly Visit Our Blog Daily In Order To Get More Kinds TechTricks And Hacks.


How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop Or PC

How To Hack WiFi Password On Laptop

Hack WiFi Password



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