IOS 12 Style WhatsApp on Any Android Apk Download 2018

Ios Whatsapp Download For Android, In This Post We Will See How To Install IOS 12 Style WhatsApp on Any Android apk And You Can Customize Using Fouad Whatsapp To Look Like ios 12 style WhatsApp on any android Without Root.Download Ios 12 Whatsapp For Android.

IOS 12 Style WhatsApp on Any Android Apk Download 2018

We Love Android And Ios But Some Of The Looks, Themes Of Android Will Not Available On iPhone And Some Of The Cool Features, Themes Will Not Be Available On Android. This is what were the WhatsApp Comes, Whatsapp Got Same Features For Both Android And Ios But The Look And The Theme Get Differs. Many Of Them Started Getting Boring Of The Same Look Of Whatsapp And Same Irritating Theme Where Only Green And Grey Colours Available On Android.

When We Look At Theme Of iPhone Its Look and Feel And Using Style Is More Awesome, fantastic Than The Default WhatsApp Theme Of Android.

Due To High Cost, We Cannot Afford To Buy An iPhone 🙁 So We Stick To Android And Some Of The Feature Is More Available On Android Than iPhone. So Don’t Get Angry On Me This Post Is Not About iPhone Vs Android 🙂

If You Need An Post Of Iphone Vs Android Comments Below On The Comment Section.

So We Can Customize Default Theme Of Whatsapp, Lots Of Mod Whatsapp Available Like Fmwhatsapp You Can Try Using That But Ios 12 Style Theme Is Hard To Get. One Of The Best WhatsApp Mod Is Gbwhatsapp You Can Download

Gbwhatsapp From Here: GBWhatsapp Plus APK Latest July 2018 Download

Whatsapp Mods Available:


WhatsApp plus


Fouad Whatsapp mod

Fouad Whatsapp

To Install Ios 12 Style Whatsapp Theme On Any Android Follow These Steps:



  • Download Fouad Whatsapp Apk From Download Link Below
  • Download Ios 12 Theme Pack.XML From Download Link Below
  • Backup Your Chats On Old Whatsapp
  • Uninstall Any Whatsapp (if Already Installed)
  • Install New Whatsapp
  • Login And Restore Chats
  • Click On Menu And Tap On Fouad Mods
  • Now Tap On YoTheme
  • Now Click On Load Theme And Choose Ios 12 Theme Pack XML File
  • Enjoy Ios 12 Style Whatsapp Theme On Android


Fouad Whatsapp Mod APK:

Click Here

Ios 12 Style Whatsapp Theme Pack:

Click Here


Ios Whatsapp Download For Android

Share Your Thoughts And Comments On Comment Section Hope You Love New Ios 12 Style Whatsapp On Android Share This Article With Your friends and Loved Ones. ALSO CHECK:10 Awesome Apps You Should Be Using! 2018  Visit every day For New Tech News, Apps And Softwares And Top Apps And More.



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