How To Speed Android Smartphone in 3 Steps

Is your Android smartphone slow? Here Some Tips To Speed Up your android smartphone easily. Speed Android Smartphone in 3 Steps Easily. How To Speed Android Smartphone in 3 Steps, Here are some tips which we went through it to speed it up.

Speed Android Smartphone in 3 Steps


1.Clear ram 

Many of the smartphones get struggled when it comes to ram due to more usage of applications and games it takes a huge amount of random access memory(RAM).so by cleaning up the ram it can speed up your smartphone

2.Clearing The Cache:

Goto Settings-Storage Click On Cache And Clear The Cache.

Due To More Processing, it loads some cache files to internal storage we can clear the caches so that it can speed your smartphone.

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3.Clearing Files

yes by clearing files you can speed your smartphone, when we get low on storage notification we can see our smartphone started processing slow it’s because of the apps cant store or access files on  Storage.

There Are Some Files Which is not Necessary and it gets over storage of your smartphone.

Goto FileManager-Whatsapp Folder, Delete the database folder.

the database folder is how much SMS sent and received calls incoming and outgoing through WhatsApp, it stored on the database folder by clearing it you can get around 800mb.


Hope This Have Helped You To Speed Android Smartphone in 3 Steps, So what you think of this post let us know and leave us comments. Also Be Sure To Check: Top 5 New Released Android,Ios Games July 2018




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