LG V40 Specs Leaks Online With Snapdragon 845

LG V40 Specs Leaks Online With Snapdragon 845, LG V40 is scheduled to opening in the upcoming months and LG is doing its stuff its best to save the flagship smartphone away from the medias eyes. However, this is proving to be an impossible task back each and every one important guidance just not quite LG V40 starting as soon as the attributed press render and ending subsequent to hardware specs have been leaked. With that mammal said, today we are going to check out every single one single one that LG V40 will feature and meet the expense of smartphone fans an idea roughly what to expect.

LG V40 Specs Leaks Online With Snapdragon 845

Right from the begin, we compulsion to hint that LG is putting every its eggs in one basket subsequent to LG V40. Its been a long time back the tech giant has had a smartphone become a bestseller and LG has settled to make a high-fall flagship smartphone in hopes of competing adjoining the likes of iPhone X and Galaxy Note 9. That smartphone is LG V40 and its hardware specs have just been leaked.

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iPhone X Design

Before we acquire into what type of hardware specs LG V40 hides beneath its hood, make available chat a bit about the design of the smartphone. From the first glance, some might categorize LG V40 as an iPhone X clone, but this is not the court feat. LG V40 ships once a special camera setup made from three lenses which are mounted upon the benefit and this pay forLG V40 the upper hand bearing in mind more iPhone X.

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Powerful Specs

LG V40 will ship later than a large 6.4-inches QHD+P-OLED display that offers hot colours and a high-revolutionize fewer media viewing experience. Furthermore, LG V40 is fueled by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 CPU which clocks at the quickness of 2.8GHz. To create things even greater than before, the powerful CPU is paired when 6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of internal storage aerate.

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