My New Concept arts

My New Concept arts. Again, guys, I am so much excited to share my concept arts with you. I finished these three Concept arts and took three hours to complete each and some may differ. And my next work is to draw some arts for Just Cause 3 and this it won’t be a fan art even the game is released but in my opinion, it will be different because I am a student not a professional, so I need some practice, if get a job as a concept artist in future it will really really helpful. No Copy or trace, why am mentioning here is because the Assassin’s creed origins painting in my gallery is a fan art. I painted myself as a fan and for practicing those lighting and shadows, it is No copy and traced. Besides that, all others are my own creation. So Let’s see my arts.

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My New Concept arts
Just Cause 3

This a painting I did inspire from the game, You just find a decent gameplay with rich colors. The game took place in Solis in South America. Everything is painted and the actual time to finish it completely is about 3 hours from paper sketching to digital. Some Places are Photo bashed. The top left corner contains some green fields is actually a photo and the sky. And hand pained some houses on those fields and some clouds in the sky.


Ghost of Tsushima

You all know about the game Ghost of Tsushima. It is a PS4 Exclusive and revealed in E3 2018. This is a game with Samurais and Mongols as main. Looks beautiful in the gameplay with the cool color palette. I spotted this temple-like structure on their trailer. And I wonder what would if the same camera angle with the same temple in different location look like. So I took a Screenshot and mostly painted on everything. The temple and a character in front of it are same with some overlines. The trees on the right are little bit adjusted for a change in perspective. Yes, I changed but it didn’t affect the whole picture. And also it is the important third of the picture. The left part is completely new and photobashed in some areas. With some lighting and some perfect colors made it look decent.

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My New Concept arts
A Street

This is my first art for practicing photo bash technique. I think I did pretty well, those street posters and a pipe in front of the brown building are some photos. And also in concept art or in any art, we guys need to follow the clean perspective but sometimes it may not work properly. So I tried the art in first place by making a 3D model in Maya an rendered in an angle without texturing. And following that perspective throughout the picture. In all these three paintings, why I am presenting it at last, because in comparison it looks okay then the others. I should separate and I should not. I did for you, not for me. Thanks for glancing my works, I’ll keep on posting artworks like this so please make sure to check. Other categories will be filled daily so don’t miss out. Thanks, Bye.

Cheers 🙂

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