New Venom Trailer 2 Starring Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed

New Venom Trailer 2 Starring Tom Hardy, Venom is an upcoming superhero film based on the Marvel Comics.

venom trailer 2

Whats New Venom Trailer 2:

Sony Pictures dropped the second official trailer for Venom that marks Tom Hardy’s outing as the anti-hero and host of a symbiote.

The team behind Venom had talked about a ‘grounded yet more violent’ villainous trait of the symbiote. The trailer brings forth the reasoning side of the alien creature that wishes to flourish outside the controlled lab of Dr Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). He finds his perfect host in journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) who goes snooping around the works of Dr Drake.

In Hardy’ words, Brock is an anti-hero. “His ethical structure is off and he goes around the outside to get things done. But he does have a good heart.”

The second trailer shows how the Symbiote takes charge of Eddie. For a second it looks like Remy from animation movie Ratatouille handling Linguini from under the chef’s hat. But the similarity ends when Brock turned Venom take on people worse than them. The following montage shows the duo learning off each other, reasoning and the symbiote eat people.

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In all this mess, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), Brock’s girlfriend, tries to make sense of the situation and help him.

While Jenny Slate is not shown in trailer and Woody Harrelson yet to make an appearance, the 3.14-minutes-long video also showcases new villains with mutated deathly powers.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom is scheduled to release on October 5.

While the previous trailer gave us just a brief glimpse of Venom, this trailer is packed with footage of the creature as it takes control of Brock and causes a lot of mayhem. It certainly delivers on the action and lives up to director Ruben Fleischer’s recent claims that it would be much darker than most superhero films. Check it out above.

Venom is first of several movies based on characters from Marvel’s Spider-Man comics that Sony has in development.


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