Nvidia RTX series specifications, compatible, Graphics and more…

Nvidia RTX series specifications, compatible, Graphics and more… So today we going to see some different ways of disputing graphics card for a change. Nvidia finally revealed the latest flagship graphics card the 20 series. You might saw their Gamescom and event and also some channels for the whole specifications with some math in it. Well, does who really need a math, Let’s be clear, we are gonna say what this new card is capable of and whether is it worth to buy or not. Let’s get into it.


Nvidia currently holding up the flagship killer graphics card the Geforce RTX 20 series. At an appearance, we expected a new 10 series graphics card with them but with a huge jump they came up with the next decade. Why there is no 9 in any product line up?. This 20 series has three variants,  2080ti, 2080 and 2070. Each has a much greater advantage than the 10 series but also it reminds the precautions before buying it. These three are available for pre-order or you could visit

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Nvidia RTX series specifications, compatible, Graphics and more...
Nvidia RTX 20 series



Now let’s talk about the things to know why and how it delivers perfection from the former series. RTX runs in terms of floating point calculations also known as TFLOPS as a base class. But most importantly it’s new Turning Architecture with 12 Nanometer processing makes it better power unit speed processing, and efficiency. The RTX 2080ti comes with 4352 CUDA cores with a boost speed of 1635 MHz which is 784 cores and 50 times advanced Mhz than the GTX 1080 ti. AAnd it runs 14.2 teraflops which provide more seeming edges and even faster geometry counts in the field.  While we heard about Titan XP currently running on 12.1 Tflops.



Nvidia RTX series specifications, compatible, Graphics and more...
New Nvidia Turing Architecture

Turing GPU Architecture makes the whole package of advanced performance is full specs than the 10 series. Let me explain, Turing has three main sections with 10 GIGA Rays per second with creates new Nvidia’s Ray Tracing technology. For the Demo, this new tech was capable on the Battlefield 5 and The Shadow of the Tomb rider and more. Thi Ray tracing technology reinvents the graphics we’ve seen so far. Second is the Tensor Core, this has three octas with it, 125 TFLOPS FP16, 250 TOPS INT8 and 500 TOPS INT4, don’t get mad these are nor not complicated to understand, They said that this new RTX is capable of Deep Learning Super Sampling DLSS which ensure the most advanced promising AI technology in it. So our systems might have problems to understand and in order to solve, there will be an interchange within the architecture, so that’s the three 125, 250 and 500 in it. The Last is the Shader- Compute 1 TFLOPS – 16 TIPS which is our part is the better graphics perfections. This is rather advanced than 1080ti but has much bigger concerns with it. In the Gamescom, they said the RTX specs and work rate but not how to use right now. GDDR-6 Memory inbuilt within the card which allows more Pixel rate and Data processing.

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Nvidia RTX series specifications, compatible, Graphics and more...
Nvidia RTX series



In most important cases we wanted to ensure some precautions before you buy those cards. Right now the 1080ti manages most of the game with ease. So there no hurry to use it right now. This RTX possess advanced technology, we have some round us but not proven. And also in order to use it, you definitely need to update your PSU for the compatible. In the name of compatible, only fewer amount of games can be played. So wait for the time and then you could spend on it.

We’ve talked everything about this title, so far. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies visit our site daily and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye

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