Operation Grim Sky: New season for Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Grim Sky: a New season for Rainbow Six Siege is coming soon. But before noticing that the update regarding this new season might face many difficulties on the games especially the server issues and they said to fix before the Grim Sky actually hold it in its’s position. You may hear many rumors and confirmations regarding the Grim Sky but in this article, we are going to see some crossovers and what are the changes on the map that we might see and who are these new operators and where they are from.

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So… This year’s next Six Major Paris gonna held soon and we about to see some new or defending champions and at the final, we might see this new Operation Grim Sky full and detailed reveal. As from the Ubisoft, the Paris for the first edition of the Six Major will be held from August 13th to 19th. So the Grand final will be conducted on August 19th so we might see the reveal.

The Six Major Paris schedule will be structured as follows:
– August 13th-15th: Group Stage (closed to the public)
– August 17th: Quarter Finals
– August 18th: Semi-Finals
– August 19th: Grand Final

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The Operation Grim Sky definitely get some new feature over the gameplay. The map comes up with this new season chose to be an abandoned factory are something usual to war machinery base and most chance would be in the zombie type hospitality which you rather saw in the Last of Us 2 gameplay.

Operation Grim Sky: New season for Rainbow Six Siege
Grim Sky Operator
Operation Grim Sky: New season for Rainbow Six Siege
Grim sky Operator

The two new operators coming with some moderate uniques abilities than with only with some gadgets. These two operators are showing as two speeded capabilities. The one from British Unit and the other is from American Unit. Their gadgets might be close to encounter. The ballistic shield operator will destroy other gadgets use a low point projection and while he handling it you cannot attack. The defender will hold some torch like a weapon but it is maybe captico on the defence side.  The man reconstruction works are confirmed with Hereford base. So the full reveal will be on August 19th.

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