PUBG Reveals is “The Making of Sanhok” Map

PUBG Reveals is “The Making of Sanhok” Map As We All Know The PUBG New Map Sanhok Has been Released On The PC Version And It Attracts Players Now The Development Team came up with Hidden Features Of the map, The Update Of 4Km x 4Km map As Per Feedback Of Player. And Also Few Hidden Surprises

“From the beginning, it was our goal to let you in on Sanhok’s development—you even helped us build it. Now that the map is out, we want to give you an even deeper look behind the scenes at PUBG and into the creation of Sanhok from concept to release,”Shared On Steam Blog Posts.


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The video points of interest huge numbers of the progressions the new territory experienced since its initial alpha stage, This Shows How the Development teams involve with their Work And Implement Towards the New Map.

Here Is The PUBG Reveals is “The Making of Sanhok” Map


This is what you have to think about the new Features and how it contrasts from its past beta Version:


  • Sanhok’s Comes Up With 4Km x 4Km Map But The Battle Ends Up With The Small Area And Still With 100s Of Players.
  • Performance-Wise Faraways players aren’t rendered properly but it varies from servers Some Servers render better results.
  • Gameplay
    • Sanhok Map changes Weather dynamically.
    • Players can throw apples while waiting in the in-game lobby.
  • RedZone It Is Very Smaller and short Players Are more at risk when outside of the player zone.
  • Bluezone on Sanhok has shorter holding up times and longer travel times. The blue zone is likewise powerful. It checks remaining player numbers before choosing the following circle, changing the holding up time and travel time as needs are.
  • Bring forth Adjust

    The thing brings forth administers have been redone on Sanhok to get you prepared for the fight to come quicker.ARs, SMGs, and DMRs are generated all the more frequently. The aggregate thing brings forth rate has been expanded 5% contrasted with that found in the fourth round of Sanhok testing.8x scopes and 15x degrees don’t bring forth on Sanhok. In any case, they may, in any case, begotten from mind bundles.

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To the extent, the recently included occasion pass goes, “This first Occasion Pass is tied in with commending the dispatch of Sanhok, so it incorporates a thing set that fits the guide Sanhok specifically. The Occasion Pass will keep going for around a month, and it incorporates many missions, including day by day missions, week after week missions, and Sanhok-particular missions. By finishing missions and step up, you’ll open prizes. These prizes won’t be tradable or attractive, so just those of you who truly win them will get the chance to indicate them off in-amusement.”PUBG Reveals is “The Making of Sanhok” Map


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