Reliance launches Jio Glass in AGM- What it is and how it works

On Wednesday in the annual Reliance AGM 2020, Jio Glass, the headset for mixed reality was announced. The headset is primarily paired with your phone to allow you to conduct classes, make video calls, and organize 3D holographic meetings.

Tesseract subsidiary from Jio Platforms has designed Jio Glass, which is reportedly already compatible with 25 mixed reality apps. The headset for mixed reality has a comfortable ergonomic design and an upfront camera. It has a host of sensors incorporated to allow users to enter immersive content.

Jio Glass features and specifications:

In addition, a custom Audio System supports all common audio formats is also included in the Jio MR glasses. It also produces audio directly from the lenses, eliminating the need for additional sound attachments. This opens the doors of virtual 3D avatars for users to holographic video calls.

Based on the pandemic of the COVID-19, Reliance Jio also said that Jio Glass can be used for virtual 3D classrooms, where classes take place via the Jio Mixed Reality Cloud. The mixed reality aspect contributes to the way students usually attend flat two dimensional online lectures. It brings online education a step further.

Jio’s Tweet on MR Glasses

A cable that fits a smartphone can easily connect glasses to the cloud. The Jio Glass is 75 grams in weight. According to the organization, it now supports over 25 apps and over the next year there will be more.

Reliance Jio has also announced its 5G network in India, fully ‘Made in India.’ In the sense of the ongoing geopolitical tensions with China, the domestic solution would be a relief. Jio, Jio Mart, Jio Meet, and more have been revealed by the company.


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