Speed Paintings Tips

Speed Painting is the most effective and efficient way were artist make their own concept to be painted fast. If you don’t know what is speed painting let me explain a little brief intro to that. We see lot of video games and high VFX movies and series, which are build via Concept arts from scratch. So Concept Artist’s Job is to deliver an art which should explain everything that their head directors want.

Every year we see video games, movies are releasing seamlessly, There wont be much time draw an single pictures for days or may be weeks, they need to be fast in delivering a final product. So, the artist wants to create a mood or a kind of emotions, color, rhythm and also includes the camera angle in a painting which should be in two or two and a half hours. Time is precious especially in gaming industry. Thus Speed painting is something without high details but it should deliver things necessary to the artist.

How do we speed paint? And where to start?


First generate an idea, we artists inspire from movies and games and even in TV series. So gather some idea first.

Desert Speed Painting
The Desert

This painting took me around one hour, Some people can finish in 10 or 20 minutes. so, its up to your definition on skill and time. My advice to make it quick as possible, don’t give much attention to detail. Well as you see I’ve painted a desert situation here. i wanted to create mood of loneliness and something to give me an idea to place a thing in this picture. Also I wanted the time as between evening and Noon. So this is my idea inspired from Assassins Creed Origins and Clash of the Titans movie.

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Twilight Speed painting
What To Do

We read books and we see movies but there is a difference in imagination between them. While we watch movies we live in the world what we see but while we read books we create our own world to the sentences we see. From that we create a environment our own heroes scene and stuffs like that. In this picture I created a mood of Dark representation with some lighting and a lonely deer watching a light from a point didn’t Know what to do next, that some kind of feel. Its raining and foggy like that. These simple non detailed aspects create a mood and later on we can go for a detailed painting. So mood give an emotion or some feeling to what we gonna deliver to the audience.


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Tribal Speed Painting
Tribal dicision

When you ask about time, we its not a time lapse thing. I took a hour for a speed painting, So for five hours I can produce five different variations. As my project manager wants different variation in two days, with speed painting I can give twelve paintings ti them. so it’s also an exercise. Do till every day at least complete one painting a day. As practice you can finish a picture in 10 or 20 minutes. So for beginners set a time as two hours and make them reduce to minutes. So, that’s it for today, Thanks for reading.

NOTE: If you want a clear video explanation, I strong recommend an Youtuber Walid Feghali. Subscribe him for more videos. I’m also a fan of him. For Speed Painting Tutorial I leave a video below.

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Next time I’ll come up with other topics in Concept Art, Bye.

Cheers 🙂

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