Superman is The new Witcher!

Yes… Henry Cavill, the perfect superman we have, is now going to play Geralt character in “The Witcher” series which is produced by

We all have played “The Witcher” which is a trilogy developed by CD projekt Red and published by Atari.  It was first to build on novels and short stories and this was liked by the gamers as they got intriguing story and RPG to play.

Witcher franchise was a hit and now following that Netflix planned to make a series on it.

So, for now, there is an official statement from both Netflix and Henry Cavil that” Witcher” series is happening.

The arrangement doesn’t have some other authority cast appended yet will be coordinated and officially created by Alik Sakharov, Alex Garcia Lopez, and Charlotte Brandstrom. Sapkowski will be an innovative expert on the arrangement, and Sean Daniel, Jason Brown, Tomek Baginski, and Jarek Sawko will likewise be official creating.

The story will rotate around Geralt, a beast seeker that winds up entwined with an intense sorceress and a youthful princess, one with a risky mystery. The three will at that point wind up on a voyage together it appears and will depend on their range of abilities as they advance over the landmass.

Geralt is one of a long queue of Witchers, who spend significant time in creature chasing at a cost. That value requests coin from the individuals who wish to have creatures killed, yet it likewise requests a cost from the Witchers themselves, as they should submit to a ceremonial procedure, and in addition broad physical and mental preparing to end up one. It’s essential since they can utilize elixirs and mutagens in fight contingent upon the adversary, however they additionally have capacities that incorporate improved quality, speed, and continuance.


So, what are you thinking, Netflix and  Witcher fans? Let us know in comments.






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