The Division 2 everything you need to know Explained

The Division 2 everything you need to know so far. Today our topic is about this game which made an add up to most awaiting Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In E3 2018 Ubisoft officially announced their games line up in which the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The division 2 stood out to the public. The assumption of the game arrival and the development process lifted some questions and controversy across the players and reviewers. We’ll be about to roll up important news, features about the game and also the controversial questions in it.

The Division 2
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


In 8th March 2016, Ubisoft released the original Tom Clancy’s The Division. The results do not come as expected. so many critics and dislocated terms from the game made this just to survive. By then in E3 2018 they announced a new replenished second version. As the original Division took place in Manhattan and now it taking place in Washington DC. The Political center of America. On black Friday a strain of smallpox virus released in NewYork City, the infection, and chaos spread across the nation. Seven months later the virus is mostly burned itself out but America is tearing itself apart. Washington DC is the heart of the battle with a constant threat and civilians try to rebuild. Everything was hanging in a question. So, we need to save them to stop this threat from growing bigger. We’ll be able to use skills and weaponry like the original game.

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Nearly years ago not a story but truly Ubisoft lost its track. Lost its compass. Moreover in the name of innovating it just hold its path and just survived. But now in recent years their work in upcoming games and making community grow bigger was well managed. Surely in future, we can expect a good track record from them.

The Division 2
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


Tom Clancy’s Division 2 first gameplay was shown in the E3. It is actually placing in Washington DC in the summertime. We have seen some green rainy areas from the gameplay, it looks beautiful, the Environment setup was pretty good, I didn’t see the whole map or roamed but looks fine. The gameplay was little bit modified and added up with extreme  new features. You can see armored enemies with heavy missionary, you will team up with your mates as an only chance you can defeat them. Each one will be enhanced by unique weapons like a sticky metal grenade launchers, tiny missiles which flies like a bee stung on one particular target. Another is a seeker miner, mines through the water or sandy area and attacks a target. These are some abilities but they planted an actual separation after the main campaign. Yes, it is not a Rainbow Six siege as a player has their unique power or some kind of missionary devices to protect or attack.

You are the Agents on the division and the last hope to solve a huge chaos across the nation. The player will be able to pick a unique path after completing the main campaign. You should choose one in three option for the rest of your game. upgrade your style unlock skills and more respective to the chosen path.


So, as we know the gameplay, what are all the new features added to this game. Are they going to supply to the very variant path as a different approach? Yes, in the name of RAIDS. Raids especially act as an End Game Mission. What are Raid and EGM? Well in the worst case scenario, you did play with your mates as a group of four division members, In the gameplay demo, we saw those enemies and The Division members combat. This time the interaction in combat requires your skills, close calls, and your time management, at most. Why I’m mentioning this as the important. because Ubisoft did made a change in the game combat area. This includes the usage of seeker mines, chem launcher and other helps only a significant amount of favor for your team. The next is the combat time, You and the enemy in front have been made equal on health or armor time.

Your armor will receive a severe damage you should replace twice or thrice based on your upgrade in between the battle zone. So, you and  opponent’s life bar will reduce even quicker than the original game. They wanted to decrease the combat time, well they wanted to make the game move faster. and dealing damages in respective with your enemies on how they based and how you use your thing and how you hits the target. As a armored enemy, you need to attack at specific points to kill them. So the game will be so hard than you thought. If game is harder then the end times should be even eviler. Now let’s talk about RAIDS.

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The Division 2
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


As the game looks harder, we will definitely think about how the end will appear. This occurs in every one’s aspect. So there is RAIDS. RAIDS is not a new add up but it is necessary, the tougher the game gets, the bigger the team grows. In the End game mission you will team up as eight members as go for the end situation. How could you terminate the attacker origins from the same nation, that’s what Division 2 is all about. a s final teaming up with eight members, you will be able play the End Game Mission. And next is  the One Year Plan. On the first year after the release. You will get three DLC’s. As an episodes you will get it as free content and may be the second year also. But the third year is a mystery. This one year plan is obviously made for two reasons as a necessary and another as a test. But how and Why.


They publicly agreed their mistakes in original game and learned a lot. That’s true their words about this game made as eager because of the content and how the game is delivered. So, why the One year plan is necessary because the game is said to travel in as main campaign. Within a few days you’ll reach it and chose your own progression path. Even the looks hard you learn it faster but at the same rate it’ll end faster, So bigger content is necessary, which will add up as a DLC. Also we need a climate changes in it. Why One Year Plan is a ct as a public test. Most games in the market comes with a new approach. New approach it’s okay but at the same time it may be an abstract which you can’t define what would go exactly . If this DLC manner gets high, then it will be Ubisoft’s approach for next three or four years. Tougher game mode, polished features, expectational DLC’s and multiplayer as the heart in the name of plan. who wants a single story mission for 100 bucks and wait for the next version, till your pocket reaches the amount to buy the next one. DLC market may be the future games.


First is first there is no politics. Video games are evolving as more interactive and makes the player to chose every decision on their own to play. Sci-Fi games mentions our exact future, Survival and Exploration games shows the hidden treasure that still in real life, Zombie games teaches that might be a threat like that. So games teaches rather than finger pointing. Washington DC will give a new experience, if you found political impression on the game then observe it’s as an opinion.

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The Division 2
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

We’ve talked everything about The Division 2. Waiting for the release on March 15, 2019. Thanks for reading and for more news about games, tech, movies and make sure to check my ARTWORKS and other categories,  we will keep posting daily. Bye



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