The NUN Review and box office collection

The NUN Review and box office collection, The Conjuring Universe has restored the Horror Genre in Hollywood as every one of the 4 motion pictures has pulled in a conventional arrangement of crowds. Presently, they are expanding the establishment by yet another turn off which began with The Conjuring establishment, The NUN. The motivation behind why these motion pictures continue getting continuations is that the general population are cherishing what they offer, which is a definitive level of excitement and that transforms these films into Box Office Successes. Be that as it may, the Critical Acclaim has not been extraordinary inevitably, and it doesn’t search useful for the different take off as The Nun Rotten Tomatoes Score does not run as one with the Box Office expectations.

The NUN Review and box office collection

The alarming depiction of the Nun in The Conjuring 2 is the thing that prompted this turn-off. Bonnie Aarons’ execution was impactful to the point that it extremely startled individuals to death! Her execution and the character was cherished by the general watchers and in addition the critics. What’s more, now, Warner Bros. Might have gotten themselves another victor and perhaps an establishment!

Review :

The general accord of the motion picture says that it doesn’t have anything new to offer as it has the moderate account loaded with those adage hop alarms, creaky floor sound impacts and things that we are presently used to with a thriller. The positive audits do assert that it is a group pleaser, however, the general out-take is that it won’t offer something remarkable like the main Conjuring did.

Taissa Farmiga as Sister Irene is the best thing about the film. She delivers a sincere performance & lives up to the expectations. Even in the horror scenes, she doesn’t leave her grip delivering balanced scenes. Demián Bichir as Father Burke is good. His accent is a drawback to his performance but visually he plays the role of a father with controlled expressions.
Jonas Bloquet as Maurice ‘Frenchie’ Theriault brings in the comical relief to the film. His character graph gets enough scope to fluctuate & he strikes the right chords. He has a very important scene towards the end which hints at his return.


While the forecasts for the opening end of the weekend for The Nun are hoping to make history as The Nun is following numbers from $36-$45 Million as indicated by the new report from Deadline. Be that as it may, the film does not so much have the basic recognition. The Current Rotten Tomatoes score of the film is at 32% and out of 65 add up to audits tallied, 44 are spoiled.

So we could state that this motion picture may wind up like Annabelle which began with $37 Million and wound up with just $257 Million as it had a poor basic recognition having an RT score of only 29%.

So it’s like RT is not pleased with conjuring universe. Their previous ratings were:

RT Scores for ConVerse:

  • The Conjuring – 86% Fresh
  • Annabelle – 29% Rotten
  • The Conjuring 2 – 79% Fresh
  • Annabelle: Creation – 70% Fresh
  • The Nun – 32% Rotten

So, what’s your reaction to The NUN Review and box office collection tell us in the comment section.

The Nun

Rotten Tomatoes - 32%


According To Rotten Tomatoes

User Rating: 4.3 ( 1 votes)

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