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Meet Top 10 Best Fortnite Players In The World

Hey everyone today we are going to see the most Top 10 Best FORTNITE PLAYERS IN THE WORLD, Fortnite now has 125 million total players. Update, June 13: Fortnite developer Epic Games has updated us on the battle royale’s total player count. Epic Games announced in a Fortnite blog post that “in less than a year, Fortnite has grown to 125 million players. Everyday New Player come and go but there are pro players who still on the top list of all time. This Top 10 List Is Full Opinions Of Top5Gaming Channel Who Uploads Videos Of Top 5 Gaming Videos Every day.

These are All The Things Which Attracts Everyone And It Proves That They Are PRO Players Around The World

  • Incredible building skills
  • Sharp Aiming abilities
  • QuickScope
  • Rocket riding
  • Highest Solo Kills
  • Highest Solo Wins

Lets Straight away enter the Top 10 Best Fortnite Players In The World



Source:SypherPK Video


Sypher PK is a streamer that plays in streams for tonight competitively for the team luminosity and he’s pretty good at it too according to his twitch page he has the most solo kills out of any pro player and has over 1,800 solo wins in fortnight Battle Royale he has over 536,654 subscribers on YouTube and over six hundred and sixty one thousand followers on Twitch his play style is highly aggressive he has a crazy high level of accuracy to back it up he’s able to quickscope people while he’s rocket riding and make it look as easy as taking any normal kind of shot he’s also got some incredibly quick building to help him get out of any tight spots making him a pretty well-rounded an impressive fortnight player.

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Source: Nickmercs Video House Tour

Nickmecrs is a pretty unique player on this list because out of all the people on this list this guy actually plays on consoles in fact he’s probably one of the best fortnight console players out there people know him mostly because of his high killed gameplay challenges and the fact that he beat skill world records all the time like when he got the record of 55 kills in a single game of squads with the rest of his team currently Nickmecrs has over seven hundred and ninety-two thousand followers on Twitch and 477,349 subscribers on YouTube despite all of his followers and sub C hasn’t actually been picked up by a pro team and that’s probably because he only plays on console I mean can you imagine this guy getting good with a keyboard and mouse though it’s Saint.

8.Nick Eh 30

Source: Nick EH 30 video

Nick has over a million subscribers on YouTube and most of those subscribers come to his channel because of his insane building skills on fortnight battle real people claim that NIC is the fastest builder on for tonight and from watching his clip so you can kind of tell that they might be onto something he’s able to throw up structures quicker than pretty much anyone else I’ve ever seen and has proven that he can out build people time and time again in his shrimps and clips but not only does Nick know how to build but he also knows how to shoot too and he’s able to clear out people just as easily as anyone else on this list it was incredible building skills and sharp aiming abilities have come together to make him a truly incredible


Source: Giveaway by HighDistortion

high distortion used to be a pro player on the MLG circuit but he gave that up ages ago and now he’s managed to make it to the top as one of the world’s best fortnight players he has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and 450 thousand followers on Twitch.


Daquan is a pro streamer that is part of the team TSM and has over seven hundred and eighty thousand people subscribed to his twitch channel some people are so good at a certain thing in a video game that they earned a reputation and nickname their achievements and Daquan is one of those people being called the pumpking for his ability to use the pump-action shotgun.

5.FaZe Jaomock

You might not recognize the name jamming and that’s because he’s only got around 50,000 followers on Twitch and 98,210 subscribers on YouTube but he is good the guy’s a member of the faze clan and faze our clan that is almost as old as the phrase eSport so you know that anyone who manages to make it into their team is probably pretty good at what they do gonna is another one of those fortnight players that are incredible at building like seriously Battle Royale building magic his building skills combined with his confident gunplay more than earned him a position in face and he’ll probably only get better over time.


TSM men if you’ve ever been interested in pro for night players or fortnight streams and you’ve almost definitely heard of a TSM member called myth is thought by many to be one of the top fortnight players on the planet is building skills and gunplay pulling him in at over two million five hundred thousand followers on Twitch myth is another one of those players that just really proves building is one of the most important things important like Battle Royale

3.TSM Team

TSM is a pretty good team when it comes to fortnight which is why there’s a TSM player on the list Hamlin’s a streamer with over three hundred sixty-three thousand followers on Twitch.



Ninja alright so I know I’m gonna get hated because I put him at number two we can’t really talk about top four denied players though without mentioning the god that is ninja he’s played with world famous celebrities he’s becoming the most followed personalities on Twitch with over seven million followers on his account he plays for tonight pretty much every day on his switch account and has taken wins both against randoms and in tournaments if there’s something you can do in fortnight that ninja has probably already done it and that’s what makes him such a good fortnight player.

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1.Faze Tfue

Faze Tfue is considered by many to be the best Fortnite player in the world better than anyone else we’ve talked about on this list already and honestly when you watch this guy pop up you can definitely understand why people have that opinion not only air is building an aiming mechanics better than like most of the people we’ve talked about so far on this list but he does this really cool peeking move that I haven’t seen anyone else employed basically he builds the usual stairs and wall to protect them and then he ducks up and down to pop in and out of cover between each ie takes innovative plays that make T few at least one of the best if not the best outright on format that’ll rail but that has been our list of the top 10 players in fortnight Battle Royale.

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