Top 5 Best Free Seedbox Provider

Are you wondering what a seedbox is, or do you already know the benefits and wondering which is the best provider? Well, we are going to explain everything you need to know. We will tell what one is and what you should consider when looking for a provider and recommend our favorite and best seedbox providers in 2020.

What is a Seedbox?

This Seedbox is the service you subscribe to, giving you access to the server’s storage for safe uploading and downloading of files.

You can use it for cloud storage to upload valuable photos online or keep other files safe. However, if you like torrents, it has its own.

It also includes a VPN service that represents a virtual private network. It masks your IP address and replaces it with the server you are connecting too. Your ISP will not be able to track what you download and download because it provides a secure environment.

It provides a dedicated server with a high-speed connection.

In general, the box provides access to a dedicated server that contains a faster connection. Depending on the provider, you can get speeds from 0.1 Gb / s to 20 Gb / s.

Therefore, Seedbox is ideal for anyone who torrents and downloads large files, and for anyone who wants to store and share data online via P2P.

Download, save, and share files in a secure environment.

This service provides a secure environment because the server you are connected to is outside your own country. It means that the ISP will not be able to find your IP address and reallocation.

Because it is secure, the ISP cannot spy on what you download and download. Therefore, if you want to share copyrighted files, such as movies and music, you cannot send an alert to the ISP without your knowledge. This Trick makes it possible for the server to connect to download the torrent file to the Seedbox. The data stays there until you want to access, use, or view it. You can download it to your computer or save it online.

It means that privacy movies, TV series, and software can be downloaded or streamed, and there is no fear of receiving DMCA notification to download copyrighted content.

Top 5 Best Free Seedbox Provider

Here is our choice of the top 5 lists of best free seedbox providers. 

Seedr is an excellent torrent downloader that can let you direct download and stream torrents anywhere fast. Pro accounts connectable as a network drive, Free accounts available with one download slot, and uncapped SpeedSpeed.


  1. Faster downloads.
  2. Free Account Upto 8GB of Space.
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth.


  1. One download at a time.
  2. Private trackers not supported.
  3. WebDAV Drive & High-Speed FTP Only On Premium

Official Site:

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Get torrent is the only website. It’s completely free with no premium or paid plans. It works as other premium website does. Download torrent to a secured cloud. Online. Anonymously. Fast. Seedbox. Our Most Recommended and used By us.


  1. Secure
  2. Unlimited Speed
  3. Seeding torrent
  4. Three concurrent downloads
  5. Unlimited traffic
  6. Seeding ratio 2:1


  1. 2 GB disk space (before 20GB)

Official Site:


A web-based application that boosts your capacity to download any file, video, or audio from the cloud. You can download torrent files, uploaded, rapidgator, and other premium files totally for free. Downloaded data can be uploaded to google drive or other cloud storage platforms or use 10GB storage provided by the off cloud.


  1. Faster Speed.
  2. Include Premium files download.
  3. User anonymity.
  4. Remote Upload.


  1. 10GB Space
  2. 1GB torrent download per month
  3. Maximum 3links allowed for free users.

Official Site: Offcloud


Downloader and Seedbox. Add torrent files or links of hosts, then download or watch their contents at very high Speed.

Its a free/premium link generator service. This service is made for those who can’t pay or be able to pay for a file hosting premium account. Therefore, using debrid, you can download files like a premium member for free from the different file-hosting sites. It Also supports Free Seedbox.


  1. 3 Hosts available for free user: 4GB/day – 2 links/day
  2. Seedbox Space: 5GB Free Users
  3. Ratio:1
  4. Addons and Softwares are available.


  1. Streaming not available for free users.
  2. Only three hosts are available.
  3. It contains ads, waiting time.

Official Site: DebridLink


Loadbt redefines the way to download torrents. You can safely access

your files on any device. Anonymously, Fast, Online.


  1. Refer and get extra Space.
  2. Unlimited Speed.
  3. Neat UI


  1. 2GB storage (Free Users).
  2. One limited slot per day
  3. Maximum Download Time 3 Hour

Official Site: LoadBT

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