Top 8 All-Time Best DC Animated Movies – Must Watch

Top 8 Best Must watch DC Animated Movies- Yup, I am a DC fan. I like both Marvel and Dc, but Dc is something which has a deep story value with the addition of moral behind every villain. I was introduced to DC because of Christopher Nolan and his Dark Knight Trilogy. Superman is my all-time favorite character.

Dc is well known for its comics, animated movies and Games. As a game designer, I admire the quality of DC games and to say, it’s top-notch both in Tech-wise and content-wise. DC cinematic universe is now gearing up and frankly, they are way behind marvel in CU. But as of animated movies of superheroes, there is no comparison to DC Animated Movies.

In this, I have listed TOP 8 DC animated Movies and my thoughts on that. I am just listing the movies in random order.

1. The Flashpoint paradox:

Plot: This movie has a plot of flash messing up the timeline for his own benefit and how he fixes the consequences of his actions.

Reasons to watch: Basically, this movie upside downs the whole DC by altering everyone’s character and we can witness pure madness. The screenplay is quite tight and we are in a sure roller coaster ride while watching this one. This movie gives a new face to batman and joker. Writing up for this one without giving spoilers is a tough one and I leave it here for you to watch and enjoy this altered version of DC universe

2. The dark knight returns part 2:

Plot: Batman returns to fight off his nemesis, the Joker and Superman, who is asked to stop Batman’s heroics. With the national authorities and the Joker after him, will Batman win the battle? (Wiki)

Reasons to watch: This movie has a lot to tell about the moral aspects of the superheroes. This is one of the best adaptations of the early comics, to be filmed. It basically deals with the first conflict between batman and superman and how they arrive at peace and at the same time fights the villains who have a major influence over the government. This has an epic face-off between batsy and supes and we dc love that portion. This duology is compressed as batman vs superman by Synder

3. All-Star Superman:

Plot: Supes is overdosed with solar radiation and is dying, but Lex has evil plans and superman must do his duty.

Reasons to Watch: In this movie, we get to see the lighter version of superman. We can see the man’s side of superman rather than a super element. His character is toned down. He goes on date and puts up with his office peacefully, but Lex has his evil plans, and superman fights against him. Lex finds his ultimatum in the end.


4. Lego Batman:

Plot: Batman teams up with his team and fights the crime in Gotham city but as Lego pieces.

Reasons to Watch: Password? Batman’s answer: Iron man sucks. Does this need a reason to watch? This is a funny Dc animated movie in which we witness Gotham in Lego sets. It has a lot of corny jokes and many jokes about self by self. This movie literally shows the DC universe in a bright and colorful tone. What else we need?

5.Batman Beyond: Return of the joker:

Plot: Batman battels joker but in a newer version.

Reasons to watch: This is quite an old movie and a tv series is also made on this title and plot. In this, the joker character is explored deep with Harley by his side and a little joker. It has awesome animation work for that time and batman is a bit young in this one. We can watch it surely for the joker character arc in this movie.

6.Batman Year One:

Plot: the origin story of batman as the same in the comic adaptation.

Reasons to watch: This movie has a lot in common as batman begins by Nolan. This has an origin story of Batman and how he starts being batman. This movie has a lot of batman-Gordan conversations and Gordon character is done by Bran Cranston which gives us chills every time we hear his voice work. This has a famous dialogue of batman which only hardcore batman celebrates. In this cat-woman is portrayed in a special character arc.

7.Wonder women:

Plot: Origin story of wonder woman.

Reasons to watch: First of all this is a well-written movie. This movie tells about wonder women her place, her culture and how Aries become a threat to the world and how Diana defeats him. This movie talks a lot about man and women’s relationship, a bit of proper feminism note. It stands as the main inspiration for live-action wonder women and has a lot of common scenes in them. If you admire wonder women, this is also a great movie to watch.

8.Superman vs the Elite:

Plot: superman’s morale is at the stack before the Elite and how he fights them both.

Reasons to watch: we all know superman as a strong indestructible superhero. In this, both his physical state and mental state are broken and still how he fights the crime is this movie is about. This movie shows the vulnerable side of superman. Any superman fan will have a strong emotion towards this movie as we see superman as never seen before.

Enjoy this quarantine with this DC Animated Movies.


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