Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Proceed With The Next Step Of Security!

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                 During the mass internalization of the world, it is difficult to hide your identity in the Global network from other users. Some States impose censorship in their national segment of the Network, others seek moves to limit the rights of users, including freedom of speech. Even small companies can censor the global network abilities for their employees, blocking social networks, chats and everything that is not directly related to the work.

 However, a team of enthusiasts has found a way out and is ready to present their development – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.

What is it?

               Utopia P2P Ecosystem. built on the principle of the latest technologies and ways to protect data on the Internet. Thanks to peer-to-peer architecture, all user’s data is no longer stored on a separate server. Instead, each user is a server. Therefore, the risk of data leakage is minimized.

Also, any actions on the Internet are securely protected with Elliptic Curve25519 and also saved thanks to the 256-bit AES. All Utopia features such as uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll Browser, and the Mining Bot are built exclusively on these principles of data encryption:

  • Anonymous

Utopia allows remaining anonymous when performing any action on the Internet since when registering the user does not need to enter personal data, his nickname will be a specially generated personal key that opens access to his data. Besides, the user anonymously visits any sites through the Idyll browser, as they are already all added to the closed ecosystem, thanks to the tunnel data technology.

  • Safe

Users can exchange any messages, files, and documents using the anonymous uMessenger as well as the alternative to email – uMail. Each message is securely encrypted, and unauthorized persons don’t have access to them. Besides, users can make any financial transactions thanks to uWallet.The uses of which does not involve entering personal data of Bank cards, etc. All payments are made using Cryptons – cryptocurrency of the ecosystem.

In-sight Of utopia


  • Multifunctional

Thanks to Hybrid Mode, the user can simultaneously use several functionalities of the ecosystem in one open window. Also, for every 15-minute session on the Internet unique Mining Bot gains bonuses, using them, the user can pay for any financial transaction.

  • Convenient

Pleasant and user-friendly interface, which is not difficult to understand. It is possible to change the theme of the ecosystem: you can choose white or dark. Also, the ecosystem is available on all types of devices:  Windows, IOS, Linux. A mobile phone version will soon be available.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem – It’s High Time To Try!

It gains a good deal of being known! Choose the best assistance and make your Internet life safe, convenient and multifunctional!

Use Utopia P2P Ecosystem. and be protected by the latest encryption and storage technology!


We from Proxyarts have used this software and it quite good with security and for minimal mining. We strongly recommend  Utopia P2P Ecosystemfor your personal or business use. Link-

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That’s all for now. Cheers!!




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