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This is a book based movie. It revolves around a orphaned boy who lives in a train station is taken into a mysterious journey of his late father and one of his works and the story unfolds and the father works turn’s out to be………..



In Paris in 1931, Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield), a 12-year-old kid, lives with his dad, a kind and committed ace clock-maker. Hugo’s dad (Jude Law) takes him to see movies and cherishes the movies of Georges Méliès best of all. (Méliès is an authentic figure, a pioneer of the film.) Hugo’s dad is scorched alive in a museum fire, and Hugo is taken away by his uncle Claude , a dipsomaniac watchmaker who is in charge of keeping up the checks in the Gare Montparnasse, a Paris railroad station. His uncle instructs him to deal with the timekeepers, and he disappears.

Hugo lives between the dividers of the station, keeping up the tickers, taking sustenance and taking a shot at his dad’s most yearning venture: repairing a broken machine, a mechanical man who should compose with a pen. Persuaded that the machine contains a message from his dad, Hugo goes to desperate lengths to settle it. Hugo takes mechanical parts in the station to repair the robot, yet he is gotten by a businessperson named Georges Méliès (Ben Kingsley), who makes, offers, and repairs toys. Méliès sets a trap with a toy mouse and gets Hugo, at that point takes Hugo’s scratch pad, which holds his notes and illustrations for settling the machine. Hugo presses for the arrival of his note pad, so the furious Méliès – who’s extremely keen on the journal – yells at him, calling him a cheat. Hugo runs. The Train Inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen), who is an impaired gendarme, and his dog puppy pursue Hugo, driving clients out of their way.

To recoup the note pad, Hugo takes after Méliès to his home and meets Georges’ goddaughter Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young lady near his age. She persuades him to go home and guarantees to help. The following day, Méliès gives a few fiery debris to Hugo, alluding to them as the note pad’s remaining parts, however Isabelle illuminates him that the note pad was not consumed. At last Méliès concurs that Hugo may procure the scratch pad back by working for him until the point that he pays for every one of the things he stole from the shop.

Hugo works in the toy shop, and in his opportunity off figures out how to settle the robot, yet it is as yet missing one section – a heart-molded key.

Hugo acquaints Isabelle with the films, which her back up parent has never let her see. They sneak into an auditorium to see a quiet motion picture without purchasing a ticket. She thus acquaints Hugo with a book shop whose proprietor at first doubts Hugo. At to start with, Hugo isn’t trusting of Isabelle and attempts to abandon her, however Isabelle ends up having the way to the machine. When they utilize the way to initiate the robot, it creates an illustration of a film scene. Hugo recalls that it is the film his dad dependably said was the primary film he at any point saw: Voyage to the Moon. They find that the illustration made by the robot is marked with the name of Isabelle’s back up parent and take it to her home for a clarification.

In the Méliès home, Hugo demonstrates Georges’ better half Jeanne (Helen McCrory) the illustration made by the machine, however she won’t reveal to them anything and influences them to cover up in a room when Georges gets back home. While concealing, Isabelle and Hugo locate a mystery bureau and inadvertently discharge pictures and story sheets of Georges’ manifestations similarly as Georges and Jeanne go into the room. Georges feels discouraged and sold out.


In any case, Hugo gets to know the book shop proprietor and he enables Hugo and Isabelle to scan a for a book on the historical backdrop of film. They are astounded that the writer, Rene Tabard (Michael Stuhlbarg), composes that Georges Méliès passed on in the Great War (World War I). When they endeavor to comprehend the explanation behind this blunder, Monsieur Tabard himself shows up and the youngsters reveal to him that Méliès is alive. Cape uncovers himself as a fan of Méliès’ movies who still claims a duplicate of Voyage to the Moon.

Hugo, Isabelle and Tabard go to Georges’ home, and at first Jeanne does not welcome them, instructing them to go before her better half wakes. In any case, Jeanne acknowledges their offer to indicate Voyage to the Moon when it is uncovered that she was one of the on-screen characters in Georges’ movies. While they are watching the film, Georges shows up and discloses how he came to make motion pictures, developed the embellishments, and how he lost confidence in films when World War I started. He became penniless and was compelled to offer his movies for the estimation of the celluloid film stock, which was softened down to make things like catches and shoe heels. To survive, he opened the toy shop. He trusts the robot he made was lost in the exhibition hall fire, and that there is nothing left of his all consuming purpose.

Hugo chooses to return to the station to get the machine, yet on entry he is cornered by the station reviewer and his canine. He get away, rushes to the highest point of the clock tower, and covers up by moving out onto the hands of the clock. Once the reviewer is gone he snatches the machine and keeps running for the exit with it, however he is caught by the controller and the robot is tossed to the railroad tracks. Hugo endeavors to spare it yet there is a prepare coming. Climbing onto the tracks at any rate, he is nearly kept running over when the officer spares him and the machine and continues to confine him. Hugo begs the officer, yet then Georges arrives and asserts that Hugo is in his care.

At last Georges is regarded for his movies, Tabard declaring that somewhere in the range of 80 Méliès films have been recouped and reestablished. Georges expresses gratitude toward Hugo for his activities, and afterward welcomes the gathering of people to “follow his dreams.” Hugo turns into Georges’ disciple and Isabelle chooses to be an author.


though this is not a mind spinning or a thriller movie it is kind of artistically delightful movie. There is no great plot to grasp but Martin Scorsese magic works. A high budget family drama set in 3D. The visuals narrates the rest. Though there are some scenes where there are VFX glitches yet it is no bad. A fell a good movie.

So this is for this Weekend Watch.. will catch you next weekend. until then……..





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