Xbox Series X, Series S Price, and Release Date Announced

The new Xbox series S console of Microsoft is thoroughly defined today. The $299 next-gen console is scheduled for a more accessible 1440-pitch launch on November 10th. Within Series S, Microsoft uses the same Xbox Series X, 3.6Hz CPU. The speed of Zen 2 CPU running in series X is just marginally slower than its 3.8 GHz range. Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s Xbox Program Management manager, states “The key distinction between the Xbox Series X and S is GPU.

Inside the Xbox Series X and S:

“Xbox Series S delivers four times the processing power of an Xbox One console and supports experiences up to 120fps,” says Liz Hamren, head of platform engineering and hardware at Xbox. “The primary difference between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is in resolution. Through talking to our customers, we found that many of our fans prioritize framerate over resolution, so we wanted to build a console that didn’t require a 4K TV.”

This prompted Microsoft to use a separate GPU inside Xbox Series S, which is about three times more effective than the Xbox One that the company promises. There is a major capacity difference here, but Microsoft aims the Xbox series S at 1080P or 1440p displays and TVs so that you do not require the same GPU power needed for stuff like 4 K gaming. This Xbox series does have 20 CUs at 1,565GHz which correlates to 4 output teraflops, compared to the 12,15 teraflops (52 CU at 1,825GHz) seen in large Xbox series X.

Microsoft uses an Xbox Series S hardware scaler for scale 4 K gaming on TVs and also completely supports AMD’s new RDNA 2, including hardware-accelerated detection of light, mesh shaders, and variable speed shading. Compared to the 16 GB GDD-R6 used in Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S contains 10 GB of the GDD-R6 ram with 224-Gbit / s.

Xbox Series X and S
Comparison of Series S and X


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